Q: Can I upgrade my Boundless package?


Good morning!

Email and money sent your way with all the required details @james!!


I asked for this in a different thread thank you :slight_smile:


So paypal is wanting to auto convert it from usd to gbp is this ok? It’ll still be the same amount of USD being sent.


February 22 I sent an email to the address you listed in the details section. I have not used PayPal in over a decade. lol So, I was wondering how to upgrade to Master without using PayPal. If I was accurate in which email address I used to email it matches my account email and my general account name. I’m sure you folks are busy and will get to it when you can. Thanks.


Hey @ElfMarine.

Sorry - I did see you email and we chatted a little about what to suggest. I will respond by email.


I’m unsure if I am supposed to comment here about this but do you plan on putting any backer prices up on the steam store? I do not have a pay pal and purchased the game for myself, my friend, plus the adventurer DLC. After realizing my next backer package will grant me a few extra plots and some pretty neat stuff, (also I feel like this game is amazing and deserves more than I have already given) I wished to upgrade my package. Is there any way I could pay for this without the pay pal? Or is there any way I can upgrade via steam? Sorry if it sounds ridiculous.


sent Email and money with all required details @james just posting here for confirmation been about 2 days without a reply.


It’s currently Bank Holiday weekend here, so they’ve probably not been at work… they’ll be back in tomorrow though!


Were you able to upgrade without using PayPal? If so, how did you do it?


I have yet to receive a reply however today was a holiday so it’s understandable c:


We’re looking into some alternative payment options - as quite a few people object to using PayPal. Will report back if we sort something out.


If I purchase boundless for a second friend could my package be upgraded? I dont mind paying more if it will allow my friends to play as well. I just would love the content provided in the wayfairer package.



Confirming that I sent money via pay pal :smiley: if there is any issues can you please tell me? thank you~!

                                 Heads up!

I just sent the cash and email to upgrade to wayfarer. :smile_cat:
I have been meaning to do this for months!


Good choice, good choice.


@james Confirming that I have sent another payment for an upgrade along with requesting to merge with Gorillastomp, Amandapan, and Saint, they will confirm this soon. <3 ty


@james upgraded to pioneer :slight_smile: ive sent an email with details thanks


@james i upgraded to pioneer last week and did not receive any confirmation about this. Sent the e-mail with details. And i also confirm that i want the merge with Liveey, Amandapan, and Saint. Thanks.


I also sent some money and the details to upgrade to Wayfarer. ^^


Cool! Thank you!