Q: Can I upgrade my Boundless package?


Any idea of an approximate time scale for this?


Just made the transaction and sent the email to upgrade my tier to Wayfarer. Can’t wait! :grinning:


Upgrading is well worth it! I love seeing all of the new people in the community loving the game and upgrading. Awesome job devs.


I am thinking of upgrading and wanted to know.

Can I upgrade more than once, one tier to the next over time?
Will we have some warning before you take these down?

Thank you.


Regardless of the above i’ve sent some money to upgrade to wayfarer.


yes u can as many times as u want until u hit oortian status which is highest :slight_smile: u just have to send money and ur account details to devs.

heres the link with details: http://playboundless.com/q-is-it-possible-to-upgrade-my-package/


Just upgraded myself to Wayfarer! cant wait for it to go through


Its upgraded my ingame account fine but a small matter that my forum title is still explorer. I only mention it, as when I upgrade again I didn’t want any confusion on the founder tier I am. It should currently be wayfarer.


I think you mean @james :yum: although he is the one and only oortarch too…


There appears to be an issue with the forum title upgrading - it’s effecting all recent upgrades. We’re investigating the issue.


So, with the instant access keys. Let’s say I don’t have a buddy to send the access key until after 1.0 comes out. Will the instant access keys still work with the perks specified after launch?


I have made a payment of $40.00 and sent an email with paypal ID # and other info. To upgrade my account from Adventurer to Wayfarer.
thank you.


Yes - the keys and perks will continue to work after launch.

This has been processed.


Thank you very much.


@james still waiting on our upgrade - me @Lawrizze, @bunky8604 and @Gunth


I made the payment to upgrade from Wayfarer to Pioneer, have emailed with my transaction ID, and my details.


pm James it will quicken the process :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice I will forum PM him.


@james I want to upgrade to wayfarer. Can we change our account name if I upgrade? If so when and how?

Also, I have a second account, that I deleted the 1st character because I knew there is an issue with it not showing the capital letters. So I am not sure what the account name is under. I think it was Xrut or something like that. How can we tell what the account name is, if we have deleted the 1st character?


At the moment there isn’t a way to rename your username.

If you switch to the other account and start the game, then the username should be written to the game log.