Q: Can I upgrade my Boundless package?


@james Awesome I finally got the upgrade for Wayfarer. Now I will have 2 accounts and the wife one. And she will join us soon.


I’m curious how important is this, since the account name isn’t always used for the characters? On both of my accounts I deleted the 1st characters because the Capitalization’s do not show up correctly. Also is there some sort of name taken coding if we make an Alt and the name is already taken that we chose?

This most likely will not be an issue for those of us that are backers, because we are here ready to jump right in the SECOND the game allows us to. Whatever the date is, I have no work that day.


this is kind of a 2-parter… first,

I was wondering, when you do this if the characters on that account be deleted if I were to upgrade my 2 accounts to Pioneer? I currently have an adventurer account (my main) and an explorer account that I would want to merge with it.
which brings me to my next question…

this one’s kinda complicated.
So I bought my first account (Adventurer) when it was on sale for 48.79 in Canadian, and then later got Explorer for 38.69 on another account… Bought both on steam.
I’d like to merge these two accounts (making ctrl-64 the adventurer the main account) so I’ve put so far $87.48 Canadian.
Paypal will only let me use US dollars when I try to pay for pioneer (to see if I could set it to Canadian dollars but couldn’t) so I can’t figure out how much to send and don’t wanna screw up the exchange rate :stuck_out_tongue:
Could someone help me out with this please? :slight_smile:


Two things to look at. Unless something changed Boundless only uses PayPal. PayPal made a company called Xoom to do it’s international transfers. If I look at Xoom it only tells me how much USD will give them what amount in GBP. So, if you go to Xoom.com you will probably see what amount to send in CAD to get whatever amount in GBP. PayPal according to the sites about international money transfers is the most expensive method, but, the fastest (Wonderstruck taking credit and debit cards would be cheapest and fastest as no middleman involved). If the Xoom site doesn’t make sense you can Google international money payment and see if there are other calculators you see that tell you CAD to GBP for Xoom because Xoom makes money off the transfer fee as well as off the exchange rate. One site of interest (gives you results for other companies too… but again Boundless only takes PayPal) is https://www.finder.com/international-money-transfers/xoom?country_from=CAN&country_to=GBR&amount=5000 and you would need to adjust to get the results for the amount you need to get sent. Xoom.com might be simpler, I don’t know.


Not sure it helps, but I was able to add currencies in my paypal account. First I only had SEK and US dollars. But I wanted to pay in Euro, I was able to add that to the list, but I don’t remember exactly how.

Also, if you bought it on discount I would assume that you would not pay what you saved on the initial purchase, when upgrading. I.e. you should pay the difference in value between the levels, I think.


of course. I’m just trying to add up the total dollar amount. by the time I get to pioneer it would not have mattered that I got it on sale but meh :stuck_out_tongue: it was a good kick in the pants to buy the game and I’m super glad I did. I want to support them as much as I can!

wow just did some calculations… converted currency with google… it’s gonna be over 300 dollars. :flushed:
did some comparisons and its waaaaay more than the steam currency difference… I mean I wanna support the devs not the conversion ether :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
i may just get wayfarer and delete my 4 5 and 6th alts.


@james …Hi, upgraded from Adventurer to Wayfarer on the 14th … did the PayPal and e-mailed the relevant information as described on this thread … how can I tell when it’s processed as there’s no sort of title in game and couldn’t see anything on Steam either.


You can view you status ingame under Character -> Profile -> Overview -> click your character name

gz on your upgrade! :smile:


Thanks Kirinvar, I’ll have to have another look, I did check there but didn’t notice anything to say anything about adventurer/wayfarer etc


Yay :laughing: just received confirmation e-mail for upgrade …All I need to do is log back in the game for it to update …which is going to have to wait until this evening :neutral_face::blush:


@james with the announcement can we still upgrade our package?


You can still upgrade for now. We will be taking down the backer packages at some point though (don’t worry, we’ll give you a couple weeks notice before doing it).


I upgraded to pioneer on the 22nd, sent the details to the email but still haven’t received a reply for it :sob:


I’ll get this processed shortly.


You’re the best James! :heart:


Okay I’m serious about upgrading now :stuck_out_tongue: and I’ll definitely go to Pioneer. Problem is, currency conversion.
Can anyone confirm maybe that just a simple google currency conversion is adequate enough to use for calculations and I can just send off Canadian funds?
Just never had to do this kind of thing before and I don’t wanna screw it up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I already have a paypal account so I should be good to go I think.


But, I really think you can add the correct currency in Paypal. Maybe try that first, if you haven’t. :slight_smile:


Problem is i paid in Canadian. All the prices are in US.


You can set paypal to show prices, and pay, in your local currency.


I am gladly upgrading from Adventurer to Pioneer now. :sunglasses: