Q: Can I upgrade my Boundless package?


Hopfully this will still be up on monday :smile: looking to upgrade then :grinning:


I just upgraded my early access account :grinning:
Now I am waiting for approval.
It’s all in the hands of @james or should i say @Steggs101 now


I really wish I could get an answer from a dev… =/
i wanna give you my money! :money_mouth_face:
@Steggs101 ?


James is still looking after upgrades, he does look at the forum very regularly so he’ll get back to you with an answer, he’s just been in meetings for most of the day today!

Don’t worry though, we’re not going to suddenly say “hey backer upgrades and purchases are closed!” we’ll give you a couple weeks notice. I appreciate you want to get it sorted as soon as possible though :slight_smile:


Awesome! Thanks for the reply :smiley:
I totally understand. James is in high demand! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks @Steggs101


@james I’ve added one more upgrade to your list, hope I got all the information right!


I am a tad bit confused how packages will be done post 1.0.

Can anyone dumb it down for me?


Not sure if that answers your question, but backer levels are going to be replaced by DDE perks.


Yeah, read that. Was hoping someone could do a “you get this” and “you lose this in 1.0”. I just hate surprises and like things spelled out clearly. :slight_smile:


If i understood it correctly, you lose nothing of your backer upgrade.
Backer Upgrades are just going to be not longer purchasable at some point that they announce a few weeks beforehand.


Yeah, it looks like Backer Perks are EA option and after release they turn into Deluxe Perks. You get first when you want extras during EA. After release to get what early backers got, you are buying DDE.


DDE is only a roughly equivalent for the Adventurer Level. But with a different weapon, different title and apparently without your name in the credits. All other EA backer perks will be no longer available.


yeah, there are differences but DDE is a rough equivalent of what backers could get, and main point is that backers remain backers and DDE is for post launch buyers


I sent my upgrade email and thought I’d leave a note here in case I get lost in the EA hype



@james I just sent the payment and email to upgrade from Wayfarer to Pioneer :slight_smile:


I couldn’t wait any longer! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I also decided to just upgrade one account rather than merging my two accounts, just to make things a bit easier.
So I bought Adventurer’s edition on the steam sale in Canadian funds (48.79)
then just now I converted US$250 into Canadian giving me 326.89
so I sent CAN$278.10 as well as the information email :slight_smile:
Feel free to check my maths.
hope this is all correct @james!


Hey, anyone know if the extra launch keys have to be for the same platform or could i give to a freind who is on PS4? x x


steam keys are only for PC. Sony has control over the ps4 keys.


Upgrade request from explorer to wayfarer sent in this morning. Details sent to the email listed above.