Boundless 1.0 Release Date - Announcement and FAQ


Hey everyone,

We’re excited to finally announce the release date for Boundless 1.0. The official launch of the game will take place on Tuesday, the 11th of September 2018, releasing simultaneously on both PC and the Sony PlayStation 4.

Boundless will also be available to pre-order on the PlayStation today.

Wonderstruck will self-publish on the PlayStation, and our partners at Square Enix Collective will publish on the PC.

We’re pleased to confirm that whether you’re playing Boundless on PC, Mac, or PlayStation 4, you’ll be sharing the same universe. This was always the plan and ambition from the project’s inception, and this launch will make it a reality. Boundless will be a single universe shared by all players, on PC or PS4, in all locations.

For those backers who have played, enjoyed and criticised Boundless with us up to this point, we’d like to extend a sincere thank you from everyone at Wonderstruck. We’re super excited to be able to reach the landmark of a 1.0 release, and we hope you all are too. It’s been an extremely challenging journey, and while this definitely isn’t the end of it, it’s a major milestone. Some days we wondered if life would be a little simpler if we were making a 2D game, with no multiplayer, no voxels, no procedural generation, no dynamic portals, no weather simulation, no latency, no tinting, no chisels, no cross platform, … but then we always realise that these are the things that we love the most. The challenge of creating something that often seemed impossible to achieve with our little team.

Leading up to launch we will create a totally new universe for everyone to explore, claim, mine, sculpt, and chisel together. We see this as an opportunity for a fresh start for the Boundless universe.

Whether you’re new to Boundless or a seasoned veteran of Early Access, you’ve probably got some questions. We’ve put together a FAQ for this purpose. Of course, if there’s anything not answered here then please feel free to ask below and we’ll do our best to answer

If I buy Boundless on one platform, can I play on them all?

While all players will share the same universe, buying the game on PS4 will not enable you to play on PC, and vice versa

Your Boundless account is shared across all platforms and the forums. However your characters can only be used on the platform they were originally created with. This is ultimately a limitation we needed to accept to enable cross platform play between PC and PS4.

However, your alt-characters can still share permissions across your beacons as you can already do today.

If you have purchased Boundless on both platforms, you will have the option to use the same account on both platforms, but are equally free to use seperate accounts. Characters will be locked to the format in which they are created and are not able to be shared between platforms.

What’s an account, and what’s a character?

Your Boundless account is the account you created when buying on, or the first time you played the game, or joined the forum. Boundless has a single sign on that spans all platforms and the forums. The account allows you to create several characters. Each of these characters essentially behave as a separate game save, with their own experience and progression level, objectives, feats, beacons, plots, coin and inventory. It’s up to you to define how you configure and skill your different characters.

What’s a character, and what’s a skill set?

The current Testing update will also allow you to earn, spec, and switch between multiple skill sets within a single character. Some players love switching between alts and it has some benefits. But many players don’t like this style and prefer to have a single ingame character but still want to experience everything the game has to offer. To allow this the latest update allows characters to earn and unlock multiple skill sets. You can keep earning skill points beyond level 50 and start spending them on an alternative skill sets for your primary character.

And before anyone asks - yes, you can have multiple alternative characters with multiple alternative skill sets.

Where will my existing character go?

Existing characters will all be assigned to the PC release of Boundless, though be aware that the upcoming launch will mean that it’ll be a fresh start for everyone.

I bought the game via or Steam, how does that relate to the PS4 version?

You’ll now be sharing the universe with PS4 players as well as those on PC. You’ll still be able to enjoy all the perks and access you had before, but if you’d like to play on the PS4, you will have to purchase the game from the PlayStation Store.

Just how much is shared between players on PC and PS4?

Everything! It’s the same game and the same universe.

If you’re playing on PS4, and your friends are playing on PC, then you will have the same game experience, with the same features and the same universe to explore. You’ll share the same servers so you’ll be able to meet up regardless of which platform you’re playing on, and will see all the same content, whether that’s at 1.0 or in subsequent releases.

What are Cubits, and what can I do with them?

The latest update to Boundless introduced the Exchange. This is a single location for collecting your rewards for completing objectives, feats and leveling your character. Your rewards will mainly be given in Cubits which is a currency that can then be spent on plots and aesthetic character customisation such as wearables and new body paints. The Exchange also includes a range of utilities for resetting your character’s appearance, name, and skill sets. We’ve covered the introduction of monetisation already, but it bears repeating that we’ve worked extremely hard to make sure that this new system helps us support the game whilst respecting players and their experience within Boundless. We care deeply about the game and community, and think we’ve found a solution that everyone can enjoy.

Cubits will be earnable through regular gameplay, and you’ll be able to afford everything you want through normal gameplay. If you wish, the option will be there to buy Cubits with real-world money. These will be bought in bundles known as ‘Coffers’, with different Coffers containing differing amounts of Cubits.

It should be noted that Cubits will be tied to a character, and cannot be transferred between characters or accounts.

Currently planned items you will be able to buy with Cubits include;

Plots - this is the method of reserving space for your builds in Boundless. While this is a gameplay item, everyone will still need to gather materials, craft tools, chisel blocks, etc in order to build. Plots themselves don’t give you prestige - the prestige comes from what you build within them, so your creativity and hard work will determine who gains the most.

Wearables - including head pieces, masks, body paints and more after launch. Wearables can’t be traded in game and will exist in a separate inventory. These will have no impact on the gameplay experience.

Skill respecs or character edits - You will be able to respec your character for Cubits, as well as rename or redesign them.

We’ve previously gone into depth on this mechanic with this post, and it provides a thorough and detailed explanation of the philosophy behind this decision. We believe that we’re doing this in a fair and honest way, and thanks to the feedback of our backers, we’ll be able to use this to ensure the future success of Boundless.

What version of Boundless will be available at launch?

There will be 2 version of Boundless available at launch:

  • Boundless
  • Boundless Digital Deluxe Edition (available for pre-order today on PS4, and will be available on PC shortly)

How much will Boundless cost at launch?

Boundless will launch at an SRP of $39.99, with the Digital Deluxe edition at an SRP of $59.99.

What is the Boundless Digital Deluxe Edition?

The Digital Deluxe Edition is a game bundle available on the PS4 and PC that includes a number of perks similar to some of the backer perks of our Early Access PC version. These include;

  • Exclusive title. (Status is visible to all other players.)
  • Lifetime bonus 10% beacon plots. (When earning beacon plots or purchasing plots they will receive an additional 10%.)
  • Boundless Original Soundtrack - Complete Edition. (12hrs of live studio recorded music.)
  • 300 cubits. (Used to buy additional plots, wearables, customisations, etc.)
  • 30 day Gleam Club membership.
  • Ability to craft an exclusive weapon - The Golden Fist - a short range grapple with a closed fist for pounding creatures and hard to reach blocks. This is an additional tier of the existing Iron Fist weapon, which existing backers will soon have access to.

The Boundless Digital Deluxe Edition is closest to the Early Access Boundless Adventurer Edition. The main difference is that the Early Access editions will not be available to buy or upgrade to shortly (we’ll announce exactly when very soon), whereas the Digital Deluxe Edition will continue to be available after launch. We think the Digital Deluxe Edition is pretty cool and will help players get into Boundless.

The Boundless Digital Deluxe Edition will shortly replace the currently available backer tiers.

However, we need to balance up the Adventurer Edition a little to keep everything fair and consistent. To do this we’re going to add a lifetime bonus of 10% beacon plots to all existing Adventurers.

What is the Gleam Club?

The Gleam Club is an option to add some sparkle to your support of Boundless, and to obtain some extra cosmetic rewards in exchange for a fee. This is purchasable for a period of 30 days, or multiples thereof. We think of the Gleam Club as a group of players who want to support the game and we thank them with some cool ingame sizzle. The full list of these rewards is as follows;

  • Coloured Chat: add colour to your name and chat - so it’s extra cool!
  • Coloured Emojis: use Emojis in chat - sweet :slight_smile:
  • Membership Glyph: get a special shiny Gleam Club character glyph so everyone knows how long you’ve been a member.
  • Advanced Character Tinting: unlock the advanced tinting system allowing you to creatively customise your character, body paint and more.
  • Auto-fuel: worried about your beacons expiring? Auto-fuel means that your beacons will be automatically fuelled whilst you’re a Gleam Club member. Relax.
  • Support Boundless: help support the game so that we can keep making it great.

When will I be able to play Boundless on my PS4?

Pre-orders of Boundless will include Early Access on PS4. Although the game launches on the 11th September, players will be able to enter the world on Friday the 7th September. PC Players will be able to enjoy Boundless as they do already, but should be aware of the incoming fresh start, which will be communicated ahead of time.

When will the ‘World Wipe’ occur?

The Early Access Beta on PC, sometimes known as the ‘World Wipe’, is TBC, but we are aiming for mid-August. This marks the start of the new universe of Boundless, and we will of course update everyone with a firm timeline as soon as possible - expect another announcement from us over the coming weeks.

What will happen to my builds when the new universe begins?

We won’t be deleting your builds, we’re simply taking them offline. All existing worlds will be archived, but not accessible. Don’t let your builds and settlements be lost to time folks, take your screenshots or videos and make sure to share them with us, either here or on our social channels!

When will I be able to play Boundless on PC when the new universe begins?

The Early Access will continue on PC straight away after the new universe goes live, so backers will be able to jump in and start building their legacy right away. Outside of the regular downtime of an update - around a day or so, there won’t be a break in service for backers.

When will media/streamers be coming into the game ahead of release?

A limited number of media will be invited into the game ahead of launch, simply to ensure we’re best able to spread the word about the game we’re all proud to have made. We need your help to get the new universe ready for them to explore! Keep watching your favourite streamers and YouTubers closer to launch, and please feel free to tell them about Boundless!

How do my backer rewards relate to the Digital Deluxe Edition perks?

The Digital Deluxe perks are a separate entity to the Backer Perks we’ve previously offered. This ensures we are able to offer additional content to new PC and PS4 players at launch.

The ability to craft The Golden Fist doesn’t mean the item is tied to your character. It can still be traded, dropped or sold, so in practice any player would be able to wield this weapon. The ability to craft it, however, will be for DDE players only. This also applies to the Iron Fist, with regards to Explorer-level backers.

It’s a massively exciting time for Boundless, and we can’t wait to explore the universe we’ll create together.

Thanks for reading, and remember to Be Bold, Be Remarkable, Be Boundless…

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So excited.


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So very very very excited!

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Two of the most important points, IMHO:

“The Gleam Club” - this is undoubtedly the best name for anything in games, ever.

“The Early Access Beta on PC, sometimes known as the ‘World Wipe’, is TBC, but we are aiming for mid-August…The Early Access will continue on PC straight away after the new universe goes live, so backers will be able to jump in and start building their legacy right away.”

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