Q: Can I upgrade my Boundless package?



Hi James,

sent in payment to upgrade package yesterday and email sent with info.

Thank you! Can’t wait for release.



Another upgrade your way - happy to support you guys! (And heck, might upgrade again before the deadline depending on how this goes… :slight_smile: )


So frikin awesome so many of us upgrading! Here is a thought: How cool it must feel for James, to see people excited and wanting to spend more money, on something he created? A true sign he has done it right.

I’m an artist, and if people came to me after they purchased one on my pieces, and asked, is there anyway I can spend more money on this piece and were excited to do so, I would pass out.


A game like this is always team effort, please. :yum:


how long exactly do we have left to upgrade? i am hoping i can drop one last pack within the next 2-3 weeks?

the reply should be why yes good sir/mam - let me put a brush storke here/pixle there/thread here… thats another £200 please :stuck_out_tongue: there… easy :stuck_out_tongue: - if it ever happened ofc


I guess the sale of the backer packs will end with the dawn of the new universe.
I would expect the announcement of both dates (new universe & end of backer pack sale) at the same time.


Question regarding naming, My main account is called "lynxdragon’ while it should be “Lynxdragon”. Can this be corrected?

Also, If I was to upgrade to the 250$ Pioneer Pack do all instant access keys from that grant all the Pioneer Pack rewards like world builder and 50% more plots?


I actually want to talk about this as well! I remember signing up as PendragonTheNinja, but my character’s name is pendragontheninja for some strange reasons. Could this be amended?


My friends account seems to have done the same thing.


Everyone has their first character in lower case.
Your best chance is to recreate the character with the correct name once the reset happens and the new universe hits or to get a name change with cubits once it becomes available.


This. :+1:



btw - will the character name support space and some special signs? at the moment if I want 2 part name I have to type it without space and that looks weird


I sent in an upgrade request on 2 Aug 2018.

Please let me know if you need any other information. I know you are probably flooded with them right now


Just wait some days. My 2 upgrades took 2 days each. Everything went fine, I gave them the paypal transcation id, boundless name (account). They do a really reliable job :slight_smile:


I gave them the info. , I know they are busy.


I didn’t want to acuse you, not to know :smiley: If there is something missing, they tell you. So me, when I thought “Pioneer” will be upgraded to “Master”, but there was Chieftaint.


Not a problem. . I took nothing personally and I know you were trying to make sure I knew what to send them to get it done more quickly.

I have already upgraded a few times, but you would have no way of knowing that.


I’d upgrade but can’t now, it’s still awesome to see everyone loving the game so much!


You could upgrade someone else :grin:


I agree, it is good that people love the game this much.


Well you can see this by have a look on the badges.

Every backers level you had, you have a badge from. The skipped levels did not :smiley:
I hate not to have the badges from lover levels -.-