Q: Can I upgrade my Boundless package?


Quick question on supporter packages and the Digital Deluxe Edition - can a backer also gain the perks of the DDE version or are they mutually exclusive? Plot bonus for example; certain backer tiers get bonus but from what I understand the DDE version also offers a plot bonus. If we are able to get both, how does that affect our plots?



Just wanted to say thanks for you guys allowing us to upgrade! I sent my info for the upgrade on Wednesday 8.1.18.

Can’t wait for launch and what is in store for the future!



kinda sucky that i get paid to days after the backer closes - darn you Lady Fate QQ ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) :thinking: do i get a 5th account - with the DDE?


If you use PayPal you can pay the bill 14 days after. In Germany this is possible. I don’t know if you were also able to chose. Maybe a try?


The normal version is equivalent to explorer, the DDE is adventurer. None of this version has plot options. You can read the content and differences on the website. There you can find the relationship between steam / backers version too.


The website hasn’t been updated yet for the adventurer tier. It will have 10% slots added to it to bring it in line with the DDE.


Oh good to know, thank you :slight_smile:
Even on steam there was no information as well (I checked this before).


Feels like it defeats the purpose of having the name reserved, I would think It would reserve the name as I initially created and intended it to be instead of eating my cubits or having to delete and remake toons to fix it.


@james May I also have clarity on the Instant Access Keys, Im considering upgrading my account from Explorer - $35.00 to Pioneer - 250$ and the website says;

This tier grants TWO early access slots today, Each with the rewards listed below!
Does this mean I can upgrade my account, and give my friend the key to my friend and we will both have exactly the same bonuses now and after launch. There is no way to differentiate who bought and who was gifted, correct?



no i cant because i never get autherized forr the extra day credit thing QQ ahh well…and no one will do £75 on payback (~50 if i merge) and i wouldn’t ask either


I would bro, even me getting nothing out of it since I’m an Oortian, but my check was short this week, I wish I could upgrade a few people just because I’m nice like that. If I happen to make extra cash this weekend I will see, but no promises


lol i know how that could have been seen as a hint but honestly… if i wanted to hint like that there would be a new post saying (Can anyone share/loan with me) so its cool… i was just saying i am not asking but i would like it if i could get one) wait… that does sound as if i am asking lol… honestly i am not, but i better shutup before people think i am :stuck_out_tongue:

ahhh i think its called paraphrasing???

@Oortarch Edited for definition


Man I really would an will try, I want this game to succeed and have an awesome community


It would truly be great if the MMO concept of this kicked off, and we end up getting farming, and fishing, and underground cavern upgrades, pets, etc.

Thank you for supporting the Devs in place of those who cannot or have too many fears to.


I buy collectors editions of all my games, although I’ve never spent 1000s of dollars like I have with this game, the devs have been very kind to me and very supportive unlike other games devs, I love this game, the developers, and the community. I’ve never wanted a game to succeed as bad as this one, so any help I can give others I truly wish to try.


say one of us did buy the DDE are we allowed to merge it with our current account or is it coded as a seperate entity?


I believe it’s separate but I don’t want to be wrong, I hope everyone gets the upgrade they want before it’s too late, in my opinion the upgrades are very worth the perks. I can also confirm the perks transfer to PS4 as well, I had that confirmed today


Anyone want To upgrade to Oortian with me?

Master to Oortian upgrade

Exactly, as written before, while I was asking the same :smiley:

The items (1 of) are limited to one per purchase, but ingame perks and keys are the same. You can give one key to your friend and upgrade his account to pioneer as well. You must do this manually via email at the moment, later they try to let this be done ingame.

Just instant access keys will get the ingame perks.


Nothing in game is deleted. Only “any previous purchases” is deleted. This means for example that if two Mastes merge to Oortian, they get to design ONE planet only, not two. So the perks they initially bought are deleted and only the new Oortian perks apply.