Q: When will Boundless be released on PC and PS4?


No official release date for Boundless on PC and PS4 has been announced.

We’re working towards a simultaneous release of Boundless on PC (Windows + Mac OS X) and PS4. The game already has feature and performance parity between PC and PS4. The release will be simultaneous because all players, on all platforms, in all locations will inhabit a single universe.

Historic references to release dates:

  1. When the game was originally announced under the development title of Oort Online in August 2014 the website said “Download late 2015” for the Trailblazer package. This was the target release date for pre-purchases of the game.

  2. When the game was presented at the Paris Game’s Week event in November 2015 under the official title of Boundless, the keynote presenter said “coming in 2016”. (Or something equivalent.)

  3. The Boundless website and Boundless Steam page both included “we’re working towards a full launch on the game in late 2016” and “…2017”. This has been updated to be compatible with the details here.

Any dates found online beyond this information are entirely speculative.

When will Boundless hit 1.0?

Boundless will be released at 1.0 when it’s ready.

At some point during Early Access development and release we will all look at the release and think - this is beginning to feel pretty good. At this point, we’ll enumerate all the outstanding actions to complete the Boundless 1.0 package and announce a release date that we’re extremely confident to hit. Announcing dates before this point either lead to a constantly sliding release date (as quality improves) or a defective product on the fixed date.

Players exploring the game during Early Access should also have a feel for how close the game is to 1.0. When the overwhelming opinion is - it’s ready - then we’ll likely be in agreement.

When a release date is announced it will likely be between 3 months to 6 months beyond the date of the announcement.

Given the current state of the game and the above announcement projection we can confirm that Boundless will not hit 1.0 during 2016 or 2017.

This FAQ entry is in response to questions on the forum and online. Please point people to this entry when sharing information - as it will be maintained and updated during development.

Updated - to include references to 2017.

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“Given the current state of the game and the above announcement
projection we can confirm that Boundless will not hit 1.0 during 2016.”

Just as I thought. Glad to see that its finally been officially stated.


Oh, thanks for info! Just I thought around 1 month ago, how game may release in the end of 2016, if you have lot of work… So I was afraid for the quality of your product. Now I glad to see, that you need more time, that this game will be a good game.

Thank you!