Quebec Mall Hostage


Clowns took Quebec Mall hostage. They put plots everywhere. They want a ransom … coins.

However I do not negotiate lol

What is wrong, if it is not settled soon, I will destroy the mall to have even more plots that I already have … and have a little fun with them before leaving the game.

Sorry to all those who put a lot of effort into their stores, it’s out of my control


these guys need to be banished too … otherwise I destroy and I have fun with them


Just a bit of advice I would remove the player names. It is against the CoC. But you can send those screenshots to the devs! Hopefully they will help you out.

Sad to see this too. I was thinking about opening a portal to there.


Yeah protect yourself first and remove the names etc. Dont buy into their drama. This looks like a pretty clear case of extortion, PM the devs and im sure they’ll sort it for you.


And don’t retaliate as it won’t do you any favours in the long run. :confused: Not a pleasant situation.


Please don’t tear it down… I literally just walked out of that place and it is honestly AMAZING. So much hard work for something so silly! Build up! And down!


I was just about to say that. Quebec mall is awesome. One of the best new builds in the game.

Hopefully the people trying to ruin it for everyone get smacked hard with the ban hammer.


please ban them


Tearing it down only feeds the trolls. Let them be. Let their plots be held for nothing.


I just want to see if we can get a clearer picture of what has happened?

How are they holding the mall to ransom, as you put it?

If they have plots inside the mall, then presumably you must have given them those plots in the first place?

Or if they were unplotted areas, then surely they have every right to plot them if they wish?

Are you claiming it’s being held ransom because you want the areas they have plotted, and they have asked for something in return for giving you the plots?

What bigger claim do you have to the plots than anyone else?

I’m nor condoning the behaviour at all, but I also would not condone taking plots off someone and giving them to someone else, just because it’s next to their build.

I guess if there is threats of blocking etc, then maybe there is a case, but if they are simply asking for some compensation in exchange for their plots that you want, I don’t see how that is ‘against the rules’, so to speak.

I think, as with all these cases, not know all sides and details does not allow for any bystander to make a proper judgement.


they blocked the new row that I added to the mall and more … so about 74 stores and more (2 plots each) …and they ask for coins to remove them.

totally ridiculous that I can not put the names

but … I play with my wife for pleasure … and not to ■■■■ me off. So it does not bother me to change the game if necessary. Anyway the mall will not be usable if the devs do not do anything.

Again sorry for those who put a lot of effort into their stores.

I will try to stay in the rules to fix the problem, but probably not too long. I have other things to do than that.


Did they plot the space and wrote you a message, or you discovered they plotted the space and sent them a message? If they wrote before you, it shows that this is what they intended


Take screenshots, build your case and report them. Devs will help.


@PrincessMaude devant moi


I’m so sorry for you! Make your case to the devs, they can do something about this or ignore the players and build around them! They will unplot at some point if you don’t pay


hummm no … as I said I stop the game if the devs do nothing. Not necessarily because of the clowns … all that will just show me that the game is not well framed if the devs do nothing. That’s why I’m going to leave if that’s the case 🤷


Well at least we know the primary guild hehe.

Dunno rly what happened.
But with these malls there has been some cases were people just go bananas with the plots.

The fact is if you do a mall you follow these steps.

  1. Plot the whole mall
  2. Place a sign to msg you to get a plot.
  3. Give a plot to person.

I cannot say how many times i have said this to people who build these.

Do not assume anything.
Play safe
Have fun.


@Buugi … yes have fun … and I hope to find that in this game. I’ll know soon :slight_smile:


@james Hey, not sure if there’s a support ticket yet… Fyi


Changed this topic to support.