Quebec Mall Hostage


Life of solo/duo players, always competing with guilds.


I don’t know if this is related to the plots that were placed as a barrier or if it’s individual plots within the mall. Each scenario has a reason for being right/wrong individually.

If it’s a plot in the mall, I would do what ever I could to help rectify the issue on my end. I don’t want trolls in my guild. If it’s the barrier plots… Those will stay and they are absolutely within CoC.


Definitely a troll move. The mall has stopped at a settlement(not connecting) and then turns and goes back to the beginning area. Your Illuminati settlement is still 10-20 plots away. If not more. This person plotted all the way down across probably 50 store fronts with a portal to Cephonex Merika at the beginning. What a ■■■■.

this may be coming there way. Lol.


What happened to this:

I was expecting this to roll out with the Guild update. Not sure how it would work with currently plotted areas, without making a mess though.


I am so confused… I have searched all over but could not find anything… can you v
Give me coordinates? And the pic you showed is on Gyosha… how is it related?


What am I supposed to make of the one built at PS Gyosha? Are these actually meanie builds? Haha


Lol. That pile is gone on gyosha. They’re more of temporary builds that I give to people. It’s a gift from the oortian gods. From the butt to your doorstep. Lol. I kid… maybe. :flushed::crazy_face: :poop:


You can’t find the plots down the side of the mall? It’s all the ways down then turns towards your settlement. I thought it was actually connected, but it isn’t…yet. The people who built the mall are super nice. Plus I won the contest they held and get good foot fall and sales from my store there. So if they destroy the mall I’m out a cool store and coin income I use for guild buffs. I hope you can persuade the person to remove the plots.


Found it. Wow… I totally see why they are upset. There are three members who literally just joined our guild less than 24 hours ago. We do not know them, but I would consider it trolling.


Part of me wonders if it could also be considered a double trolling to try and stir up a war if they joined such a short time ago.

Not to be that person to bring insinuations… but I’m kinda getting the vibe there’s two victim parties here. =/


Can you remove the SS as it shows user info :upside_down_face:


Sorry I thought I put that in PM😊


This post has shown me one thing. We are too great a community to let a few people get us down. It’s amazing to see the leadership actually working together to solve these issues, as it should be. As a founder and fellow leader of iLLn, today has made me proud of the world we’re all creating together, and reminded me of why I love this game. Thanks to all who help keep this crazy universe sane :grin::+1:


Good job working this stuff out guys! Again, not strictly my business. But I do love seeing this community being so effective. Perhaps these guys plotting can come to some arrangement too. Something reasonable and which would avoid dev involvement and a more drawn out process…


@georgegroeg they changed the portal since this morning, the other portal brought us to their store lol. I took the coordinates this morning


I logged on to have a look. Pun intended. Lol. Saw the store. I hope it gets straightened out. :beers:


Devs ban them from game. Solved

Forcing someone into something should not be tolerated.


I can’t help but agree in some situations like this. It may seem harsh, but if that’s their style they are more likely than not to just do it again somewhere else.


also, I think it’s better for everyone to lose those bad players than to lose good players

(it’s not to threaten the devs, we just want to have fun playing this game we love)


and thank you to all those who support us in this situation