Quest to Terraform the Towers of Power

Hello weary travellers. I’m looking to put your grass gathering skills to the test. Help be a part of a task of monumental proportions.

Currently at the Towers of Power I’m terraforming the grass from the pink/orange to shades of greens. I had started this awhile back but with a few people building by me I wanted to get back at this. Along with paths and small houses along the way in the spirit of Little Japan if anyone remembers that place. I have a huge area that still needs to be converted. So if you’d like to lend a hand in gathering and make a few C’s along the way. Go to The Towers of Power on Alder and search verdant grass seed to find the baskets.
The basket are place where they are so you can see what/how the seed is being used. And you get to check out some things along the way.

Buying Verdant Seed at 3c each
Approximately 150000c in baskets

Verdant Grass Colours

Hot moss
Warm moss
strong turquoise
Silk teal
Deep Green
Warm Yellow
Dark Green
Strong Green
Strong viridian

Thanks to anyone who helps with the task.


I changed a whole mountain on aire to Black and lava, grass, rock etc. One thing I found was - spraying it was easier. Might be worth while if you can make or get the cans (it wasn’t cheap though lol)

Assuming you can spray grass - it was over year ago and I can’t remember if I sprayed the grass

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Grass is not sprayable atm unfortunately

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Dropped off what I had of those in my storage on the shelf! :smiley:

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I have 94K Hot Moss in reclaim if you want it all, your basket must be full currently. If you want just hit me up and can get you it.

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Thank you Paka.

@CaptAmerica1611 wowza that’s a lot. Hahaha. I’ll put some more coin in the basket later today.

@ghandymarshall I have some silk mustard spray I am using for spraying some rock and gravel. But mostly doing the grass and keeping the natural terrain at the moment.

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Strong Viridian / Strong yellow too :+1:t2: I set the basket

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Hot Moss Verdant there’s no request Basket for that one false advertising D: @georgegroeg -chan :laughing:

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It was already filled. :rofl: but I need a bunch of other colours. I’ll put more coin in there later.

I’ll drop everything I got in those colors ASAP.
Should have a good amount of the moss green and yellow.

I collect grass for… planting :eyes::+1:

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Just wanna say thanks to anyone who’s gathered grass. There’s still coin in the baskets and so much land to convert.

So please keep it coming. :raised_hands::raised_hands::v::beers:


Just dropped some Hot Moss. :slight_smile:

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Awesome. Thank you. :raised_hands::raised_hands:

I, too, find laying grass to be quite simply the most boring (and literally unrewarding) part of the game.



Put 15000k in all the baskets again. So keep that grass seed coming. Thanks again. :v::beers:


Well …
… I guess, I am going to mow the lawns on [Gellis] again for you :+1: :smile:


Please do. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::+1::+1::beers:

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20k in baskets:

Verdant Colors Needed:
-Strong Green
-Strong Viridian
-Dark Green
-Deep Yellow
-Deep Green
-Silk Teal
-Strong Yellow
-Strong Turquoise
-Hot Moss

-Deep Viridian
-Warm Moss


Edit. There is now 25k in all the baskets.
So if you can please help we are running low on most colours.
That 275k in grass seed at 3c each.

Also these are communal baskets being used by 4-6 of us. So any help would be great.

Huge thanks to anyone who’s already sold to the baskets. But please please please keep that seed coming. :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::beers::v:


Huh sounds like an easy Job I might could help with. I have for sure some hot moss or so from gellis times.