Questing Knight Streaming | New (Epic hunt on Hunting servers)

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I’m also known as VirresSs in game. And now I’m going to post my streams and videos here. if you like the please leave a like or keep up to date with the videos subscribe to the channel.

Youtube Channel
Twitch Channel

Epic hunt On Hunting servers

0:00:00 Intro

Guided by the devs

0:01:20 White and black
0:21:00 Blue and Red planet
0:39:00 Black water
0:58:00 Yellow planet
1:16:00 cool portal and planet view
1:17:00 Pink planet
1:23:00 Meteor group shoot
1:52:00 Group shoot portal run

Exploring on our own

2:12:00 Cool spike mountains
2:22:00 missed the portal
2:23:00 Pink and purple with spikes
2:29:00 Boring planet
2:45:00 orange green planet
2:51:00 Pink palm-tree
2:50:00 looking on the sky
2:53:00 Gray and green
2:55:00 Big crater orange gleam
3:02:00 Yellow crazy planet
3:05:30 insane cave
3:08:00 time to swim

Lets Play
E01 New Beginning
(Youtube didnt archive the first 2 hours)
E02 New world
E03 Gold and silver

03-19 Vulpto LvL 6 Meteors:
03-21 Andooweem

Fun Moments
Swimming in boundless
The Trap
Message to the devs

Building Castle Elyria All videos

Crafting / Farming
Finding Cobalt and Hard coal

Testing Rage Brews


Streaming now!
Testing rage brews

Starting a let’s play with a new Character to see what the game is from the beginning, and i’m going to play with some friend that’s new to the game.


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I added new videos

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Added epdisode 03

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Im streaming Now! Building a big castle in Elyria

Join the discord!

Back, streaming for 2 hours

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Streaming the hunt now

Streaming the hunt now

Streaming now! Join me when i build a castle in elyria. E3


Now streaming: Building Castle in Elyria E5

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Im back live again and Building Elyria castle!

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ive added The Building Castle Elyria play list

!!waring they are 2 hours long streams!!

And here is all the videos in the list so far:

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Hers is the 2 streams i made yesterday of the Elyia Castle

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Then i also made a rought timelaps of the build bytheway Thx @Jiivita for helping me clear out the fog and particels to make a more clean look


Building Castle Elyria E8 Now !


Building Castle Elyria E9 Now !

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