Question for Miner's


Yeah. Public Service Announcement: Regen is no longer broken, and atlases actually update.

No need to build boxes around gems.


The problem is some of the best hotspots are already heavily taken and while doing this may prevent it for you it will seem like that for everyone else if it does get surrounded by someone as they cannot tell your plot is there.

Not to mention the person could still block around you and an exterior wall for the rest of the resources by just having an alt with a different name or friend to do it so it’s not something you could easily report.


A lot of times it is “just walls”.

Carry with you an atlas with a warp augment in it. it will show beaconed areas. If it is just a line straight in front of you, that means it has no roof. just go up and over. Most of the time they count on you hitting the wall and giving up. but if you go up and over, usually the juicy center is untouched and well stocked! and sometimes even lava free, as they scout the best areas before plotting =D


The moment they do that, it becomes reportable as that can be seen as preventing someone from expanding, even if its just one plot.

sure it is, go/dig to the offending wall, look at it, and press this button

having an alt doesn’t matter. I am pretty sure most if not all online games, punish the whole account. and if a friend wants to do it, then that friend is taking the risk of getting punished, either way someone will get punished, if the devs find the report to be valid.


I know the discussion of areas being blocked off has been brought up recently and pretty much been beaten to death.

My perceived lack of players and the fact that there are MANY spots UNPLOTTED makes it seem to me that it is easy to find a place to mine.

Maybe it isn’t the best possible though???

Also, one could always go to another planet to mine if they are running into many beacons.

OR return to sanctum and warp to an area that doesn’t show as plotted.

I know when I go mining I always use warp conduits toy preferred spot.


The issue is you get two people to do it or two characters thus it’s impossible for the player to know that.

Or they plot all but one small side but have it a very long path to get out other then straight up.

The point is one single plot won’t prevent this and only a very large amount making the area where resources are reserved but not plotted or blocked off will only be able to block it.


The issue is the other planets are not as profitable really.

Farming for emeralds / amethysts results in much less gems because of how rarer they are in such small areas and titanium / high grade coal because of those two gems requirements since they need to be under low level water areas

And going for topaz / sapphire is another issue since it’s so high up you won’t get any of the other valuable resources you find down low such as titanium, gold and good coal.

Even alcyon is not a good option since it’s a t6 and has a ton more lava areas and lower amount of gems last I checked.

Either the worlds need to be balanced or serp will just get worse and worse.

Also you do not need to use warp conduits as you can do the same in the sanctum and those are just useful when playing with others.


Ehmm, not sure why it would be different on a PS4?


I don’t agree at all. If I put down a plot, and a while later suddenly there is a ring of plots around me, blocking my way out, i do not care if it was done by 1 character/player, or 10 characters/players, it is fairly obvious to anyone who ponders about the situation for more then a moment, what is most likely happening. I have a ring of plots around me, that is all that matters at that point. and I am decently sure the devs will understand that collaboration effort for breaking the rules doses not suddenly make it legal.

Depending what you define as “small” and how this is done, it still may be punishable.

If you take this rule at face value, one can build a decent case that plotting 3 sides around someone, can show intent to stop them from expanding. It doesn’t state it haves to be all 4 sides as long as the intent can be proven to the dev. 1 or 2 sides obviously is a weak case, 3 sides is a strong case, 4 sides is a solid case

but that is up for the devs/GM to make that judgement. I would report it anyway. Somewhere it is stated to report things that you are unsure if they are breaking the rules or not. The worst that can happen is nothing is done.

I am not here to debate rather or not this is an effective way to prevent the situation or not. My point is only about the risks someone may or may not be taking by trying to get around this proposed solution. Nothing more.


If that was the case then no city’s would work outside of 1 person city’s.

Plus people need to understand that if you don’t claim plots anyone can come by and claim them near you and you could get blocked in by multiple people.

Just tossing a random single plot is really a waste in this situation other then to place it for warp locations and won’t prevent the resources from becoming blocked off unless it’s stopped somehow or the reason to do it is.


Citys work because it is obvious that the intent here is to build a city, not purposefully block someone in. Also that should be expected when you are building in someone else’s city. which is a different matter then going to a very remote location, and then having someone who actually haves the intent of creating a problem start to plot around 3 or more sides of the persons plot.


“Plotting around another players base, with intent to stop them expanding”

which says, they need to do both plot around another player AND have the intent to create a problem by doing so. obviously not the case in a city or group build or what have you.

Yes. people do need to understand that they don’t have an inherent right to unclaimed land. But we are not talking about something that just happens to happen via the normal course of things, plotting up against someone with the intent to build something at some point is allowed, we are talking about a player or players who purposefully try to create a problem by plotting around someone with the intent to stop them from expanding, and do so to the point it violates what the devs think is allowed and what is not.

The bottom line is this, if you feel like someone is doing something that is wrong, then use the report button, give as much details as you can in the text block, and follow up on it via the email If you want to know the outcome.

Blocking off gems is allowed, Blocking off a player is not. If your effort to block off gems also means you are also blocking off a player with the intent to prevent them from expanding, then that is not allowed because then you are now doing two things.


You can’t block an area containing someone’s beacon undergound as you would then have holes both above and below for people to mine into.

People also need to realise that the advertising material for this game encourages blocking off resources, to penalise people for doing so would be false advertising.

For the conversation above, blocking people in is against the CoC, if someone does it then report them. There’s no excuse for that.


You can by placing plots on all sides and above forming a box since below is not an issue in low depths if the sides are plotted as the mantle and plots keeps people from getting under.

You won’t be able to where that person’s plot is obviously but if it gets plotted around correctly you can.

Think like a square donut where in the middle is the other persons plot.

This issue here is at what point can you complain when people do this do a random 1 plot?

Eventually as more and more territory on serp is claimed like this it will happen but just with multiple people claiming the areas in one spot and it can indeed block some of the smaller plots easy just like in city’s.


Plots above them can’t be beacons. Stick done like a 2x2 or 3x3 and there’s always a big hole in their box.

Edit: as mentioned, also reportable


And that is reportable


Alcyon is extremely good. Many hotspots don’t have much lava. I despise serp. Too busy, too many plotters and getting 2 gems max is disappointing.
Sure, you likely do get more gems in the same time frame in the best hotspots on serp but Alcyon is my precious metal go to.


If done by one person yes however the situation in some spots on serp has this happening when multiple’s peoples “protected resources” have combined with others with smaller plots in the middle and this is fair game as it’s impossible to blame one when 2 or 3 could be responsible.


if 3 people suddenly get the idea. to one night go out and fully block off someone else’s plot, it doesn’t matter. Having people helping you break a rule doesn’t make it legal to do so.

Now if what your trying to say is that this is happening over a period of time (weeks for an example) then that is a totally different matter. as then what the intent is becomes harder to tell. however if it is creating a problem. I would report it anyway. The devs are the ones who will make the judgment.


I missed this website, it’s amazing! Who did it?


Ive started to make antiplot fields. By plotting Above the diamonds and removing all beaconed stones so that the field doesnt block someone out.

If that messed with someones build then pm me and ill either unplot that bit or just give all perimissilns away.