Question: How does Skillsets and Tax Epic work?

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I’m planning a bit for the future and I was thinking of getting Tax Epic on my main, but I realized I might need to have it in all skill sets?

So which one of these statements are true?

  • I can have only one skillset with tax epic, doesn’t matter if I change skillset within the beacon.
  • I can have only one skillset with tax epic, provided I change the skillset outside of the beacon.
  • I must have tax epic in all skillsets.

If it works like the furnace efficiency epic, then you should only need the tax epic active whenever you go to adjust the price of an item in a shop stand or request basket.

But I have no idea if this is how it actually works.

Maybe a dev could shed a light on this? @james @Steggs101

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My wild guess would be that it updates each time you enter the beacon with the shop stands because that’s how the tax epic is applied the first time.
That would mean you have to have it in all skill sets or have the right skill set active when you enter the beacon …

This is my assumption too, which were the reason I created this thread. Because if it truly is the case, my current plans will be a pain in the donkey since I only want it on my build spec.

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Great question :thinking:

My current plan is to have it on an alt and put the shop stands on plots of that alt.

Hey guys,

From the design team:

It is the tax skill of the owner of a beacon that determines the rate paid from all transactions within that beacon.

Hope that clears things up

The Question basically was:
What if the Owner of the Beacon had 2 Skill Sets.
One with the Tax skill and one without.

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