Question (PS4 key with Adventure Package for PC)

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I was curious, If i bought say the Adventure Package ($60) On PC would i be able to get like a Key for PS4 so i wouldn’t have to pay for it again?

Nope, PS4 and PC releases are different.


OK alright thank you.

Ok that makes sense. If i’m playing on PC and my friend is playing on PS4 we will be able to interact though?

Yes, they share the same servers. I was playing with some ppl demoing the PS4 version of the game on my PC.

Yes, it’s gonna be cross platform after all.

Thats awesome.

Are we able to use our instant access for the PS4?

I would assume you could use your Extra Access key if you got one for PS4 yes

I was under the impression PC instant keys would only be for PC version.

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Yea not the Instant Access ones you get, but the Extra Access Keys you get if you purchase the $95 Package

I have an extra key from the $95 pack. Is that only good for PC?

@james Is this possible?

That’s something I want to know too because it’s the only reason I bought the wayfarer version too.