❓ Share your ideas for wearable items

We’re interested to hear your thoughts on wearable items…

Here’s some structure and info about the wearable system:

  • Wearable items can be attached to wrists, ankles, chest and back
  • Wearable items don’t need to be thought of as armour
  • Wearable items can be made of any resource you can find in the game

Throw us your thoughts, links and sketches :thumbsup:


Hides of animals you have slayed.
grass for cammouflage,
Bark of trees,
armor plating (from bones perhaps?)


I would love to see some Assassin’s Creed-like capes and hoods, but that’s just my opinion.


Initial thoughts lead me down the path of bands on the arms and legs, like bracelets or whatever. Having something like a quiver, but on a wrist, that is made of wood with a bit of metal for the fastenings or whatnot seems cool conceptually…to me at least. Running late for work so that’s all I can really share.

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wrists: How about a magic wristband that shoots out a crapling hook made out of pure magic :o
back: wings/gliders
ankles: maybe some kind of oortian rocket boots?
And a belt to carry trophies from monsters like in witcher 2 ^^



  • Backpack (extra bag space)
  • Quiver (ammo Storage) / Link
  • Glider
  • Steampacks


  • Fingers - Rings (speed, jump buffs etc)
  • Wrists - Bracelets, Bands etc
  • Gloves
  • Forearm Holster (Throwable storage)
  • Vambraces


  • Boots/Sandals
  • Anklets
  • Toe Rings?..


  • Leg Holster/Throwable storage (Knifes, Throwing Stars etc) Link


  • Storage Belts / Link
  • Waist Quiver / Link
  • Potion/Posion/Throwables Belt


  • Cape (1)
  • Sling Bags (ones that sit at side) / Link


  • Collars
  • Necklaces


  • Shoulder Pads


  • Hoods and Face Masks / Link
  • Helmets
  • Tiaras
  • Eye patches
  • Spectacles
  • Goggles / Link

  1. No helmet or shoulders (and pants)? :scream:

  • Back: Could optimize your playstile
    -Quiver adds a bonus to ranged attacks (maybe fire/frost etc if it is enhanced with an Oort shard?)
    -Cloak adds a bonus to dual wielding melee weapons (or stealth attacks if something like that is going to come)
    -Backpack adds mining speed or gives additional item slots
    -Regeneration field generator adds life (and mana) regeneration to allies

    -Spine protection adds defensive boni (maybe not just -%dmg but stun/cc protection)
    could look really nice if it is made out of bones, hides, etc…

  • Wrists: Could provide an additional ability that is activated by an hotkey(maybe has to be fueled with Oort shards?)
    -Personal defense field negates the next incoming attack (would look really bulky)
    -Phaseshift cloaks yourself for x seconds and leaves a stationary dummy behind (would have a slight particle/glowing effect)
    -Steady hand next ranged attack deals +?00% damage and adds a short stun/knockback (could look kinda steampunkish)
    -Oortwave generator makes all ores within a x block radius glow (through rock/dirt) for y minutes (looking like a mix between the steampunkish range wrist and the bulky tank wrist)
    -Binary healing lets your next x healing spells/darts also restore your and the targets mana (alternatively: Also heals the next ally to your target with the lowest health)

  • Ankles: Could provide different mobility perks (activated with double w/a/s/d/space (maybe in combination), connected to a cooldown
    -Berserkers boots, activated with “w” + “space”, jump x blocks forward damaging/slowing targets near to the landing spot
    -Assassination shoes,activated with “w” + “space”, teleports you behind the targeted enemy
    -Bladedancers shoes, allows you to dash right,left and backwards used by double tapping “a”, “s” and “d” (several charges before cooldwon triggers)
    -Explorers boots allows you to crawl 2-3 blocks vertically
    Healers boots,activated with “w” + “space”, allows you to dash into the direction of the targeted ally (travels a longer distance than the other shoes)
    Hard to get ideas how boots should look like :smile:

  • Chest: Main source of protection, the better the protection gets the longer cooldown regeneration gets (to make tanks deal less damage than other players (for balancing reasons)).
    Ranging from :
    Robes (almost no protection, slight cooldown reduction)
    Immovable object (almost immortal, autohit has 10min cooldown)(a little bit exaggerating here :wink: )

Additionally every item could provide small stat boosts (like its usual in MMOs) depending on their quality, the materials used and maybe the skill of the crafter.


Sadly it looks like we wont get hand,leg,waist,neck,shoulder or head slotted items.


For the design I let you do the job (cuz you are AWESOME! :wink: ), but for the slots, I would prefer if each one has a field of functionality.

Items on the ankles for example could effect the movement and/or stabillity (Speed up, Boost, Endurance, Jumping, Swimming, Climbing, …).

Wrist ones could handle interaction with items and stuff arround the player (faster attack, stronger attack, pushing people, more building range, more pick up range, …)

Chest items would be of a defensive function (self healing, protection from elements, pushing back anyone who hits you, reflexting projectiles, reducing impact, …)

The Back … well, the back … I just throw some ideas into the room ^^ (More inventory space, Cloak for hiding, cape of gliding, glowing in the dark (for miners), humming for calling animals to your position (good for hunting and taming). ) … Let’s say the back supports the gamestyle of the player :wink:


We have chunky characters that need to be able to pose. Full body encapsulating wearables would require unique sets of anims for each armour type, or a involve a lot of crappy clipping. We’ll still have awesome looking wearable though, I don’t think you’ll long for the other things.

And we are going to have head wearables, but they’re not necessarily part of this system


I think this is an odd idea, but i’ll love to see capes to place in his backs.


I think you might have gotten me wrong, I´m really in favor of a equipment system with less slots but each item gives you more than just some stats. I just wanted to say Kerpie that he might got a little bit over the top with his suggestion of the different slots.

Glad to hear this since a helmet and other head wearables add much to the appearance of a character but now I´m looking forward to additional information to this topic even more :smile:

Really like the hides and bark.

I think it’s like that because things like hands/arms and legs are cliched a lot. And considering the characters are somewhat “animal”, I don’t see why those would cause problems in not having them. However, I really do want to see head and shoulder, and maybe even waist items. Then again, having more things like that makes the system more complex and taking longer to code/design/model. Maybe after 1.0 we’ll see more “wearables” types

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In addition to having these kinds of wearables, do you guys plan on having costumes (like in other MMOs) that cover pretty much the whole body, but provide nothing but a cosmetic appeal?

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NO PANTS? I can play in-game just like in real life?


Ssssketchess you say? And with no art released for female forms? Looks like I shall have to imagine/invent one!

Here’s a basic thought for a sorceress wearing a leather dress-ish thing with gleam crystal accents.

I know I took crazy artistic license with extending the locations - chest piece to the floor, and wrist pieces to the upper arm - but the design needed it lol!

Hoping REALLY hard we will have magic based classes in game. :wink:


Well I think maybe what you should do,is be able to put the Oort shards in a neckless or ring or whatever accessories you have for power ups.


for my thing i was doing the standard thing a human has, Feet, Legs, Waist, Chest, Back, Arm, Hand, Neck, Head

all the additional things under those were the things you could put in those slots

for example for mine, have a waist quiver, with a backpack along with necklaces etc all the leg holsters is for aesthetics and i would like to see where the character keeps the stuff, hence why i hate GTA (i hate and i mean hate the pulling RPG’s from his pants, or having an entire armory in his boxers

Thinking of every item slot is reserved for a skill slot the number of suggested slots would be good and enough. Just thinking of every wearable giving a skill which then is usable by a hotkey/button. If this would happen it would be a cool system for the gameplay :slight_smile: