❓ Share your ideas for wearable items


well one thing i would really like was if there was a bag system, that you could see your bags on your character, kinda like bags and pouches mod in skyrim


Maybe we could weave different things into our furs? Talismans, feathers, strings of jewels, beads, and other things we find throughout the world…


Hides of animals would look good wrapped around both the front and back slots, and extra armor never hurts. +1 to this guy.


Also for the wrist area, how about a watch? Does that Oort alphabet thread have info on numbers yet? Maybe when you idle with the watch on you can pose in a way that makes it easy to read the time.


I think we have 0-9 figured out on the Oort numbers… not sure yet though.


Yeah I’d like to see some backpacks / pouches that you could increase inventory with. Also would be cool to see different stat boosts from wrists/hands andoot wear- wrists giving you more attack power etc, and footwear giving different mobility boosts like speed or jumping. Not sure how I feel on not having headgear, but I suppose it’d be ok. Maybe some back items that go onto your head, like cloaks w/ hood?. I also love the idea of camoflage made from local foliage. That would be cool so long as it actually works vs NPE’s and other players.


I’d like a lot of slots for things like accessories. I want to bling my character out with all manner of shiny bits and doodads.


gleamstick wristbands? if you don’t want to wield a light source all the time then why not wear it as an accessory instead :smiley: ?

You can possibly mix it with oortcubes to make it look more stylish~


They could make it be a light source to! Duration longer than a torch but its only a small light source so you can see like 1-2 blocks away from you. that would help not to get COMPLETELY lost in Caves. because you cant see anything in there (last time I played)

Also uhm…:
I dunno I think most cool things got already written… (didn’t read the posts, it its to much)


Can there be masks attachment? just an idea though :wink:


This could also be a good way to distinguish groups of miners just in case we need to ever find our friends (IF we can see their glowing colors at a distance).

I made a sketch of it with just stone and gleam mushed together.

If you could pick just one thing

I think mostly on armor reinforcs, or cosmetic/specific use ítems.
Like quivers, bags, dart/knife throwers, auto implants (potion implans i mean, or auto bandages and that kind of thins)

XD sorry i terms of equipment i mostly combat oriented, and what about wrist blades, or spikes.



First approach i had:
1(front and back)> armor&cap
2a/b)> armor/bracelet
3a/b)> armor bracelet

But at this point i was sad. Really sad.

Second approach:

1front)> light source with on/off switch, Oortian technology: immagine something cool like Iron-man but obviously Oortish style. Effects: during nights you can be easily spotted from the distance (i see a light dot moving around…). Switching On/Off can also be used as Morse Code or any kind of signals. Another use of this can be an interaction between light (and light color) and buildings… for example a dungeon where there are lifts that can be activated only if you have a certain color of light and so on (you may need more colors in a certain order, or a certain “power” of the light source and bla bla bla, wild fantasy takes the mic).

1back)> I would NOT add backpack. It’s ugly. It’s orible. I don’t need more slots in the inventory. My backpack is conceptual and resides in the world of ideas. Of course i have things with me, it’s just manifest so I don’t need it to be showed. You will surely have a “base”, a place where you have your treasure/material chests, and going around hunting with a 80 slots backpack is just something “comfortable” (and that can be placed between the items that you can buy ingame with real money, like a +10slot inventory for 10€).
But as i imagine this game: before going out of home, knowing that you can die everywhere/anytime, you will have to do a good selection of items: hunting? ok, weapons, potions, light for night-time, etc… Dungeon? Building? Exploring? Limitations on the backpack means you have to think and prepare your own set of things for what you wanna do.
So, what i would put on that slot?
This is my reasoning: when you wear the bow, you also equip arrows on it, some people already spoke about the quiver. What i propose is something “neutral”: something that can be charged with arrows for the bow, but also with rope for the hook, if the light will be something that consumes a colored gleam to make a specific colored light, this ‘Oortian tech quiver’ is your “any kind of ammo storer”… if you make a flame thrower… well no, don’t make it xD
What happen to the things i put in here? they are effectively in a different place from the backpack, so instead of adding slots to your conceptual backpack, it gives you a free space (arrows will always be there and will never occupy a backpack slot, if you put a different color gleam, the old one will go back to the inventory -or just vanish- rope for hook… all this things).
I hope that the concept is clear enough :stuck_out_tongue:

2a)> it’s the right hand, but i don’t want to call it this way (there are left-handed people), i will call it “main hand” ( i’m sure you have already heard it this way… :wink: ). Precisely it’s not the hand. We are talking about the Main-hand-forearm. ok? be carefull: PLACE THE MAP THERE. Instead of having a fixed space of the screen where you have a little map, put it on the main hand forearm! i will still see it roughly and when i really need it “M” hotkey will do the rest :stuck_out_tongue:

2b)> Simple: the hook. I would take the hook away from the slot-bar, cause if i want to hit a flyng/hooked thing, it simplyy can’t be something like: select hook, throw the hook and jump with spacebar while mouse-scrolling to select the weapon. and if you need to jump from a tree to another while fighting?
Put the hook on the secondary hand forearm and we will use it qith a simple middle mouse button.

3a)> That one is harder. Ready? Potion injecter. The last jewel of Oortian tech. :smiley:
I immagine a sort of anklet with a needle. You put the healing potions there (as for the 1back)>concept) you will get a backpack slot free, a hotkey bindable for this item will consume a “healing charge” from the anklet. But if you want to give potion to someone else, you can’t get back the potions that you’ve stored in the anklet.

3b)> Adaptor slot. What do I mean with Adaptor?
It gives you the chance to enhance something very specific:
craft your own -examples> swing enhancer when hooked (as you know in this moment when you are hooked and the hook is selected you can swing more than if you are hooked and with a block in your hand).
Or you want to be more agile when you build? craft your own block placement/destruction range enhancer.
you want to be a better fighter? enhance your health regen or attack speed or critical hit (if there will be crit chance) or def/armor etc…
to make it shorter: enhance one and only one specific attribute/aspect of your build, to adapt it better to your gameplay style.


Purely for cosmetic purposes a pair of chains that run from the wrist slots to the ankle slots would be cool.


You mean for that chain gang prisoner look?


Yeah i would also like to see some cool capes and hoods.


Backpacks would be great for the use of adding inventory space. Various aesthetic items would be good as well. Gloves and shoes, they could be modified using dyes also so you create a base item out of material x and then dye it red for example.

There should be many variable styles of these items so that players can feel unique.

They could have the possibility of being used to show guild allegiance so that you can show other plays what guild you’re in, like a medallion or wrist item. Maybe even a sashimono like item (the flags samurais wore on their back) for this purpose.


I definitely agree with a glider on the back, maybe some sort of bow on wrist? Backpack on back as well, and another thought what if there was a full glider suit so glider on back or wings connected to wrists (for a different point of view), rudder on back small wings on feet to add stability and more pieces of glider wearables equipped more control/speed etc.




I would LOVE to see a skull/tribal helmet or some tribal masks. Like tiki/island or African styles, they’re very cool. Maybe some Asian/demon styled masks?
Decorative, mysterious.