❓ Share your ideas for wearable items


what i personally would like to see from wearables



For me the slots Ben suggested are quite enough. The helmet as a decorative item would be cool as well, may be some other decorations (instead of a helmet some earnings and a necklace for example) would also fit well. But I feel no need for more wearables with a function for Oort.


but from the looks of it the wearables also count as the armour, from the wording anyway.


Japp, may be they also have a defensive value on the slots, but they can have a function each so that each of them has a greater value for the game style of the players. I just hope that the slots give a skill or something equal :wink:


We definitely need clothes/armor with gleam in it…to glow! That would be super cool

Just some ideas from the net…


I love armor with colored illumination. Especially the masks and utility bars in dead space


Glowing armor and wearables are a MUST!!!


It would be even better if the armor/wearable would not just glow but would actually reflect your status with the glowing,
I loved that you saw your status (hp/energy/air) directly on your armor and not in some kind of UI.


Hmm… thats an interesting one.

sorry to post my own, but can i get you to think it out a bit more and put it in here?


cause it sounds like and awesome idea o.o


Those tassel thingies on cowboy coats :heart_eyes:


Was actually thinking of StarWarfare for armour :smile: but I definitely think that the armour should be able to be integrated with gleam to make it glow, I do like the first, third and last pictures.


Wrist mounted utilities. Perhaps exploration gear can be attatched to the wrist for quick reference without having to go into the inventory, such as:

  • Map/ compass/ planet info
  • Life-form detectors (radar)
  • Communication devices
  • First Aid (light)
  • Bracers (cosmetic)

Body accessories could include:

  • Custom weapon holsters/ sheaths
  • Resource specific bags (ore, lumber, animal hides, etc)
  • Thrown weapons/ bombs
  • First Aid supplies (heavy)
  • Capes/ cloaks (cosmetic)

Leg/ Ankle accessories:

  • Cobat/ Survival knife
  • Move speed/ Jump enhancements
  • Shin Guards (cosmetic)


Maybe a back accessory that looks like a shell and can mimic Samus’s morphball form when activated.


For the wrist could we have a friend/guild linkup device?


First of all I don’t just want to throw a few gear ideas in the pit without lightly outlining a general theme. I get the impression that the theme of the players character tends to be “animalistic”. Corresponding to that is that i don’t feel that headgear, gloves or boots are a suitable piece of gear for them. Further, the items shouldn’t be very high-tech. They should be minimalistic technological or items with (upgradable) magic/mythic components. At least thats what i feel suits best in this world.


  • Grappling hook
  • Flashlight, maybe kind of a focused gleam block
  • Lasso, to tame creatures
  • Source of power, for all kinds of magic (i.e. casting targeted spells, reinforcing held weapon, forming a protective shield)
  • Clock, or some depiction of day/night-cycle. I won’t be outside all the time to look for the sun^^
  • Map, with indication of custom waypoint directions
  • Communication tool


  • (non-)magical device for accelerated swiming
  • (non-)magical device for higher jumps
  • (non-)magical device for dashed
  • (non-)magical device to slow down a free fall
  • some weights to protect you from knockbacks/-downs


  • “Heavy” armor plate
  • Leather/cloth armor with bags for knifes, etc.


  • Backpack, for more space
  • Capes, with a bonus to stealth/magic/melee
  • Glider/Parachute, functionality maybe combinable with capes (?)
  • Weapon Holsters, for all kind of weapons which are holstered on the back
  • Some kind of oxygen tank, for longer diving periods
  • A wearable pennant, with positiv bonus effects for all group members affecting all kind of stuff (battle, swimming, farming)


Trenchcoat. I’ve got a friend whose fantasy alter-ego always wears a trenchcoat. he’s a crazy alchemist.


wings sort of like a wing suit.


ok 1st of all there needs to be hats or helmets 2nd i would make it so you can craft fashion if that is what you mean by dont think of it as armor then your going in the right way 3rd i would love to make goofie out fits like lets say for hollowin make paper bags for you face or if you kill a pig get to make pig leggings so your feet look like pig hoofs. i hope you understand what i am trying to say


make it so guild leaders can make uniforms for there guild, like make it have different colors for what rank you are in the guild. and


I would disagree with happy mask salesman- often games get too carried away with giving the players tons of options for cosmetics, and they don’t think of how things will mesh. TF2 for example, has a massive number of cosmetics for every class, but people often make very dumb looking outfits, and it can ruin the feel / theme of the game. I personally like cosmetics, but they have to implemented sensibly in a way that wont make walking abominations of ugly.