❓ Share your ideas for wearable items


I would say the hides of like “epic mobs” or animals. Something so its like a trophy maybe?


Thats cause TF2 is a money machine and no longer a serious game, it is just a hat simulator which alot of people play it for.


I’m crossing my fingers that tf2 gets turned into a cs:go like format with competitive ranks and all that. then we can have a guns and hats simulator and I would be happy.


I want goggles, I could be naked but with goggles I would still be cool


@Squaremunch i agree that it can make a game bad but i would say if you did stuff like that in a oort kind of way would make the game much better. and guild leaders making there guild outfits sounds cool to me


I think a wrist bracelet could be used that incorporates a few things like a power block, a holomap that you press a certain button to view a full screen map from the wrist, a grappling hook attachment and/or a gleam torch attachment, so it would be like a multitool


I think there should be certain pieces of clothing that signify nobility, for leaders of guilds and such.


Just more fancy looking, or more ‘‘expensive’’ to craft so not everybody can just craft them whenever but it actually takes more time to get all the materials and as such is a thing that shows true wealth?


Yeah, like the prestige armors in Guild Wars. There you had many basic armors which took about a day to craft as a set, but the prestige ones took weeks to month to get the materials you need - but the stats were the same for them, so it just were “prestige” to have one of them (my Mesmer main Char had over ten :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


What game is that from on the bottom under Global Agenda?


pretty sure its from rachet and clank


I could be wrong because I’m not up to date with Ratchet and Clank but that doesn’t look like him^^


Fair, its from a game called ‘‘Star warfare: alien invasion’’ made by freyr games


sadly I don’t know…the pic did not have any info


as i said above…


SORRY didn’t see that as i was typing. no need to get catty…you really have a pet peeve about people accidentally repeating something, don’t you.



Greatly. especially when the answer is just above them :smiley:


well, you know that when you are typing, it is not always possible to see if someone else has answered the question above where you can see on your screen :unamused:


yeah i know, it wasnt meant as an insult, just wanted to make sure that you saw that the answer had been posted since i thought you might want to know too :smile:


Anybody like cloaks?

He says off stage