❓ Share your ideas for wearable items




They would definitely look cool but I think it´s unlikely that we will get cloaks. They either look like they are made out of cardboard or take a whole lot of animation to look good. And I personally think that the time spent on animating cloak fluttering would be better spent somewhere else.


I love a good cloak that’s nice and long,silky with two solid colors.


That’s true,I wasn’t asking for cloaks,but it would be nice if they could do it.


Dock a highly evolved levitation plate, chip or cube onto the belly belt. As a result the skin tone of the avatar intensifies, starts to glow or transforms into ornamental glowing decorational structures.
->Start floating


i love that idea!!


How hard would it be for clothing to flow. Like scarfs, capes and the like? I know that makes it a lot more complicated. Just wondering :slight_smile:


Yeah i asked this a long time ago, clothes physics.


Possible, but it’s (as always) take time and cpu resources away from other features).


@Zouls posted this image and i feel we need that belt in the game


I think there should be the armor, vanity, and buff slot system for each character. For ex: I want to wear a 50 defense helmet, but i don’t like how it looks,and hate the stats/abilities. I add in an item that looks like a dragons head, and add an item with the ability x ray goggles.


Destiny concept?


I think they want to make the wearables equal (not equally good) so there is no clear best gear. That way, there would be far less situations where you need a vanity slot. If not none.


I think they also mentioned that you wont be able to replace the appearance of your equip with that of another piece because they want that other players are able to identify your role by looking at what you are wearing (not sure about that though).


I would like items that provide no combat stats, but provide ways to reduce fall damage, increase acceleration, run speed, flight velocity, increased bounciness, less knockback received in the air, increase grapple/hookshot max length, decrease time between grapples/hookshots. There are probably more but you get the idea.



I made a cultist … i realized. -_-


Incredibly awsome


@KuroKuma What do you think, in terms of level of bearability - is this ok, or rather too demonic? (I still think the former oort main artwork was very adventurous.)
I ask because you always seem to have a clear opinion.


You can change a lot with colors so aside from that I’d say it fits the Boundless style maybe 50/50.
The creature itself looks a bit too intelligent for Boundless. Unless the plans about NPCs changed.

Although it reminds me a bit of things from TLoZ Twilight Princess^^ Which is quite dark at times.

Aaaaand I just realized that it’s only about the wearables (I assume?)^^ So scrap the part about the NPC.

Also thanks that you value my opinion :slight_smile:


I can see the resemblance to Twilight Princess to a certain extend. Btw, loved this edition.
Those are the last drawings now. The rest I could show, is not really of worth. Thanks for the answer :))