❓ Share your ideas for wearable items


Bowler hats


Only if we can get the suit and tie to go with them :wink:


Nice photoshop. Don’t think they’ll make it into the game, though…:sweat_smile:


Excellent strategy, challenge the art developer over what art will make it in the game! :facepalm:


Reverse psychology. Maybe it works^^


This actually does lead to something interesting, WoW. even being a fantasy game had Formal dresses and Tuxedos. have you guys considered more formal/town like clothes like that? (i did ask about town clothes before) I would love to have a Tux ingame.


It doesn’t have to be a tuxedo but something elegant in boundless’ style would be great.


“Sadly it looks like we wont get hand,leg,waist,neck,shoulder or head slotted items.”
upper arm, guild sigil a band around the arm with the sigil on it, that or a “class” sigil, like ur a miner and u can show it off etc. ( whole thing is optional ) but if u want to show off what u mainly do or what guild u belong to then u can :smile:


Glowing armor is almost always tacky looking.





I like that armor!
it gives a Lord of the rings vibe.


They are from skyrim and GW2


i cant also see this image, hve you taken it down?


I loved that mod.I think bags and pouches would be fantastic in boundless :smiley:



if you want this game to do well, one of the things it really needs is character decoration

warframe. Nuff sed.

No, really. End Game warframe players will tell you, fashion-frame is end game. The more skins wearable armor capes and excess decor the better. One of the true ways make money with micro transactions and/or spur farming binges


maybe some sort of tribal jewelry.


wearable compass,Weather forecasting,time telling,threat proximity,map items. basically anything that gives you utility that you can see functioning on your hero. like anklets that tell you your altitude. Amulets that detect nearby threats.


Lots of recurring request that have been mentioned further up this thread. Got any ideas outside of the box? Scroll through some of the stuff already suggested above and see if you find anything we missed!


Talaria. Possibly giving the user flight or gliding abilities?