❓ Share your ideas for wearable items


There is so much to read and not enough time to sift through it all and find out what has been mentioned or not. I will apologize in advance for stating something that has already mentioned, sorry :sweat_smile:! I feel like there should be some starting gear and if there is not, maybe the tutorial can walk you though getting your initial gear created. Anyways! The gear I was primarily thinking of is a backpack system. Where, the backpack is your universal “tool” that you use for storing your items, and the backpack limits you on what tools you can carry with you. All of your regular materials can be carried, but say you want to carry a lance around with you. The backpack needs to be fitted with a weapon “module” first, and then you can select what weapon you would like to carry with it. Of course later down the road as you get better materials, you can upgrade the backpack to have more “module slots” that can be fitted with additional modules such as: a mining module that allows larger mineral stacks, a hybrid weapon module (allowing two weapons such as a lance and a slingbow) which would require more advanced technologies and resources to make that module, etc… I am not sure how people would feel about such a system and I am not sure how hard it would be to implement, but just an idea :blush:

As far as wrist and ankle wear should go, there is not really much to do with that in my opinion. Crystals installed on the wrist and ankles is a good idea but there is only so much you can do with that before there should just be a dedicated tool or different gear to do what you would like. Armor, yes. Anything beyond that and you are looking at a more difficult implementation.


Whilst it may seem stupid to say this but I actually really love games that have a ridiculous array of different apparel and things to change one’s appearance as it allow me (and others) to gain a bit more of an in depth personality.
Also something made of leaves would be nice like a close to nature sort of outfit a bit like the ghillie suit but less tactical and more druid like.


I agree 100%. I loved Trove for that very reason. You could make your gear look like any other piece of gear, and yet it still had the same stats as the original piece of gear you had. That would be very cool to see in Boundless.



Different style of various groups in time for each different server. Made with materials ONLY found in those server planets.




Not sure if this has been suggested already, I can’t read all 125 previous posts right now…

My idea for a wearable is a miner’s helmet with a flashlight. The light produced would work differently than held light, held light is ambient and doesn’t reach far. The miners helmet will only produce light in a tight cone shape in front of you and light up a far distance (20-40m).
The recipe would have to call for refined gleam and glass to focus the beam ;D and perhaps whatever material the helmet is made out of. ooh maybe even use the colour of gleam to determine the colour of the beam…
Like any tool I think it should still have durability, because having a craftable item like that is a little OP, it’s better than holding a light source because your hands are free and it’s better than the personal light source skill because you can turn it off… Perhaps have it linked to distance walked or time used like maybe it’s battery powered, or powered somehow… Of course you’d have to lock it behind a crafting wall for new players, I hear there’s a CentraForge coming :smiley: but then again it’s a craftable item so new players should/would still be able to buy it… at a price :money_mouth_face:
This would allow builders/miners to have light in the caves and be able to use both hands while mining then they can turn off the headlamp and come back home to build and see the lighting exactly as it should be.


You should add +1 or more to specific crafting skills per item made like they do in divinity so you can edge off points you don’t have unlocked.


why not just give us the ability to customize our own attire to fit our characters personality?


Guild-based attire. I am about 90% sure you guys have thought of this, but it would be awesome to be able to wear your guild’s glyph in-game! This is of course assuming guilds have actually been implemented already, so it is a bit down the road.


^ shoulder armor, tabards, head peices… Bring on guild pride!


Things you can wear on your back:

You can wear rope almost everywhere: around your chest like a shirt, around your hips like a belt, around your forearms like bracers, and around your lower legs. Haven’t seen a rope hat yet, though. Maybe that’s what Ioun stones are for. :wink:


the panda the raver the full ozzy and offcoarse the 80’s


Allow monster trophies on belt… predator style.





Ears, I would like ears. And shoulder guards. And something that isn’t quite pants, but not the diaper we currently have.


They have to have buffs or debuffs! Like so done mentioned leaves give camouflage so stealth goes up, etc.

Oh sjeesh another old thread, sigh

What happened with all these ideas?? What’s keeping them?


Yay, let’s necro stuff!

I would like to see outfits that reflect the role or profession you chose. (Crafter, Builder, Hunter, Trader, etc.) Maybe awarded for getting a bunch of high level feats from that profession.


Oortin power armor. Ran off trophy’s of creatures.WE NEED THIS FOR THOSE WILDSTOCK HUGZ!


I like .
Wildstar had this kinda Path exclusive costumes that were rly cool!