❓ Share your ideas for wearable items


I want dis helmet from Nero tol Scaeva



I like this. Also cool addition would be dyes. You could dye you certain parts of item. Like in this case red parts of the helm. They could last like a week



Wow I really like these lol especially the “Fancy Schmancy Armor” :laughing:
The LED chest plates would be awesome, maybe the player could maybe draw it(pixel art it) within the game somehow or something.
I definitely see a few hunter armor types too


Love the idea, I was gonna say gleam Armor maybe some guild colours.


Well given the regions in OP I guess the obvious pants are out. Still different loin cloths would be cool, like the default is pesent, and you could have a builder one (which has a tool belt), a crafter one (which could have pockets), a trader one (just a cleaner more rectangular flap with the c for coin on it), an adventurer one (a spot for an atlas, compass, etc.), a “standard citizen” one, which would be a cleaner and more regular shaped standard one, and a regal one (which would be like the citizen one but with gold trim).

Charge something like 300-500 cubits each for them, and release them alongside either a new guild buff, or maybe a farming update? Idk :slight_smile:


And please can we make it so clothing is accessible at a low tech level, we can hand craft warp blocks, I would be ashamed of the genius who can create electricity and teleporters from sticks and stones, but can’t fashion a piece of cloth to protect themselves from the elements.


I think clothing that can have elemental protection added is an excellent idea. I dislike the fact that I have to spend 15 points on each skill page (45 points in total) for max elemental protection on a single character.

Protective clothing, or make it a shared attribute.


Craft armor use shards to match what environment you need protection in. higher tier protection requires more mats/shards for the armor.

Place each individual piece of armor in centraforge to get higher levels of physical protection and special abilities like glow, feather weight, double jump, shock absorbing boots, lava walker, repair, water walker, ect.

Wingsuit for the people who want to live in the sky
Dive suit for those who want to build Atlantis.
Armor stand to display our armor so we can stand back and go yes that is awesome.

Armor should be repairable the fact you would have at minimum
4 wing-suits 1 for each environment type
4 dive suits 1 for each environment type
7 armor sets 1 for each environment type
Plus all the buff forged on the armor sets
Their would be no shortage of sales

Would need a way to NAME ALL FORGED GEAR.

New weapons
Long handle sledge hammer
Blasting gauntlets / forge them to make them healing/ buff/ revive gauntlets for those who are in the supporting role./ cast bubble force fields on people in battle stuff like that.
Taser grapples drains endurance while attaches to a mob. Attached to long and it starts hurting the user.
Plus a elemental version of each weapon.


Full bush outfit. Nuff said.



10 characters


This made me really happy and then sad that it is years old, should these ancient threads be locked? (people could still make new threads referencing/linking them)


Sounds like Batman


I would suggest functional. I would like to be able to forge this gear with different useful effects.

-Boots that increase run speed or jump height
-Gauntlets that can produce force fields in short bursts or increase the abilities of tools and weapons
-Chestplates increase defense, healing, or glow
-Backpacks that allow for more storage or deploy a glider or even add a shoulder mounted turret.


WTB Jetpacks that use spark to operate.


I was just looking at the homepage for boundless. It shows armored wrist bands, shoulder pads, shin guards, necklaces, and different loin cloths. I know this was EA footage, but in my experience you shouldn’t advertise things on the front page that you don’t intend on making it into the actual game… So I feel we should be getting at LEAST what is on the “box” in the game (hopefully in the first 12months of release).


I’ll need kilts, lab coats, chef wear, workman overalls and some sort of outdoor gear like the crocodile hunter.


Grass skirt?
An apron?
A wingsuit…

Maybe a scuba tank?


It doesn’t really answers the actual question of the thread, but I understand that in this context, wearable items would be 3D models attached to points on the 3D model of the player character.

In World of Warcraft, Blizzard has started to use an interesting method over the last couple of years where instead of fixing a static 3D model on a point, the entire armor (at least the parts that can’t just be textures on the player model like Boundless’ body paints) is comprised of several sub-meshes that can be individually hidden in-game depending on how many of them you have equipped, and the whole armor has the exact same bones and animations as the player model, and is then affixed at the same point as the player model, effectively merging both together.

This allows these armor pieces to bend and flex with the player model, and they won’t clip through the player-model, giving the developers way more freedom when making cool armors.

Not sure if that helps in any way in regards to Boundless, but when I looked into the game files of WoW, I found that process to be very interesting.


Bring back Belts!!!