[Question] Who builds medieval fantasy style?

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I’m kinda new to Boundless, used to play a lot of Minecraft before this. I really like the chiselling and the “boundless” materials in this game. A very disappointing amount of white blocks however :frowning:.

At this point I’m hooked, and I want to build something epic. I have built this in Minecraft:

Does anyone else prefer this high-fantasy gothic style architecture? Also has anyone built something of this scale and detail in Boundless? Because I’d love to see it! Please share any screen-shots, suggestions, or advice down below. I’m new, and I’m starting to love this game.



I’m currently working on a fantasy Lord of the rings elven style build on Arie I’ll be out some of today but would be happy to show u it some time


Absolutely, my discord is Musical_Mystery#9614

I won’t be available for a day or so


Welcome to Boundless @MusicalMystery

Great work form MC

I am currently working on my medieval fantasy tower
Still, lots to do :sweat_smile:

Antar is a nice place to build in this Fantasy style :+1::+1:


I saw that earlier while browsing. Very nice comrade


The white blocks will for sure come from a future EXO-planet :+1:
Hopefully not a Tier-7 planet :grinning:


I absolutely love the style, but I don’t have the talent to be RPing Ludwig II on Alder any time soon… I might pull off a few medieval-style shacks and barns perhaps though? :smile: And I love seeing what others build like this.


Is there a way to get cheap light gray blocks or is that just stone?


Ludwig II? Could you elaborate? I’m just curious


This sheet may help you to find the lighter colors on the planets
Lots of gathering and mining to do i say :grinning:


Very helpful. Ty


Welcome to the game!
I also love high fantasy style, but I haven’t build something to that scale so far. Just single buildings:

For “white” colors, I can recommend Ashen Blue Sedimentary from Minorengle
That’s the “white” rock color we had in the beta universe. It works quite well, I use it for signs and Shop Stands.

Cool Violet from Alder and Cool Slate from Gellis or Niia Zed Ka are brighter but the color tint shows a bit more.


Ahh you’re in Chisel Knights. I spoke to your guild leader


I am still waiting for the stone colors “Weary Yellow” or “Ashen Yellow”
That would be really nice :+1:


Cold berry is a good option for a “white” block also. But i’m also waiting for true white blocks myself. When an exoplanet comes out with pure white i’m definitely stocking up a few shop stands worth


Might have to wait for the backer planets to get a permanent source for white blocks.

I do like Medieval. I have done a few small designs


Together with @Nyuudles we are building High-fantasy/mystical builds with a emphasis on incorporating nature.

We are working on this

But for ingame views you better visit us because taking prntscrs isn’t that easy when the builds get bigger.

We are located on Pheminorum/biitula and Dzassak



When some folks see a few of the fairly-tale style castles like Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, they might think them medieval because of the style, but they’re actually the whimsical constructs of a 19th century king, Ludwig II. His family, the Wittelsbachs, were a pretty interesting lot. Anyways, he seems to have built these extravagant structures solely to suit his own fancy, though of course now it is a big tourist draw. Would love to visit myself. Which gives me comfort when I see the huge, impractical mansions people build way up on the mountains where I live and maybe live in a few weeks a year… perhaps those will be a big tourist attraction a few hundred years from now! :wink:

If I had the time and talent, I probably would make a Ludwig II alt and grab viceroy of some world doing exactly this, reproducing his castles. :smile:


I love all of these for sure :slight_smile:


Look up the color for Cold Berry. It’s white with the slightest hue of pink in it. It’s really nice.

ha I just saw @Venom has recommended it as well.