Questions about Community Support & Guilds

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I was wondering what kind of plans there are for small groups and guilds. I saw the teaser showing being able to join multiple guild groups at the same time, but my questions are more geared toward the communication and organization of guilds. What kind of in-game management tools will guild leaders have to work with? How will we be able to pool resources and prevent abuse and theft of shared stockpiles? Will activity planning functions like calendars and notice boards be available in 1.0? Ideally, I would like to have enough tools and functions available in game so that an external website is not necessary.


And please may we have more chat channels: Say, Yell, Shout, Tell/Whisper, Guild-1, Guild-2, etc.

Better chat in general would be nice^^

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What’s the difference between yell and shout?^^


I strongly feel that more advanced guild support is a necessary feature for 1.0. It’s not enough to just enlist in a guild and then rely on external sites and player tokens.

I’d like to see some of these features in game as interactive props. Guild specific props would be something like…

Guild treasure chest
A chest that can only be accessed by guild members of sufficient permissions. This chest should be a large prop with expandable storage capacity (unlocked at an exponentially growing cost as a gold sink). It should always show the same inventory across all instances so that you can access the guild’s treasure from any world, and should log who is adding or removing items from it. WoW’s guild bank, essentially.

A “message of the day” prop
A placeable message board that can edited by a leader or member of sufficient permissions that then displays that message on all boards owned by this guild.

A calendar
Function like a MotD board, but updates daily with pre-edited notes. Interacting with the calendar shows the monthly calendar and notes for each day.

Guild maps
Topographic maps that show all territory discovered by any member of that guild. Can be placed on a wall or table. Interacting with it allows you to zoom and cycle through other planets discovered by that guild. Default world should be of the world the map is made on! Dedicated guilds could have maps rooms with maps made from every planet all displayed at once :wink:


That shouldn’t be the case. A guild has even more means to transport materials and stuff than a normal player.
If they want a huge load of materials on an other world then they have to transport them there.


We could talk about a guild treasury for coins though. As allowing access to those between world really isn’t very different from giving all the money to a single player and making hm move it.


yea If the plan stays that you can’t loose the money^^


Absolutely in agreement that guild support is essential for 1.0, especially if guilds have the power to influence entire worlds.

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Thought about that some, and I will concede that you are correct. Besides, that’s just not as much fun! I’ve redesigned my proposal a bit.
Guild Treasure Chest should not share inventory across all instances. Instead, a guild should only be allowed to place one per world.


I’d love to be able to promote players based on their long term behavior,that way if there was a general guild inventory players would only be able to take what their leader allows them to.



Hope that made sense,but I think something like this in a guild system will definitely help leaders keep order and control.

Do you mean you want to see a log of things contributed to a potential guild vault or a log of things a player has done while with the guild? I think ranks in general should definitely be a given.

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Yeah,or you could just say that…

I’d be happy to add weird or interesting, childish and maybe even suitable names for settlements.
So, lets assume u are a bunch of people and find a nice spot in a world, you’d probably want to name your small town. At the moment it is Kipoko, small and neat, but it could emerge into a battlefield or raid victim. Then it would become The Angry Town Formerly Known as Kipoko, Which Also Is Sad, But Mainly Angry.
You see, there is a problem in this situation. And Kipoko is not even founded yet. Thank You.

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Say could be let’s say a 15 block radius,
Yell could be 40,
Shout maybe 200? Serverwide?..

P.S. I feel guild chats shouldn’t be distance based

Not serverwide but yea maybe you could do it that way.
Although yelling and shouting do not really have a distinct difference in volume^^

Love the guild treasury idea, would be very cool if as the guilds bank increased… the treasury would fill with… is it links? (Coin)

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I had another idea, this time for the founding of a guild:

Guild Charter
A crafted prop that can be written in and displayed prominently. The guild charter is where a guild would disclose valuable information like the guild mission statement, home world, leadership, guild glyph, colors, and even rules. Like a beacon, the founder interacts with it to set permissions, ranks, and other things. Displays guild name and glyph (and maybe homeworld?) when placed, opens a GUI type interface when interacted with showing all other guild information. Perhaps non-members can use it to request a guild invite when no members are online to invite them manually, like a plinth?

I can only imagine somebody has already designed how guilds will work in B<, I’m just eager to hear more about guild features!


This is actually a cool idea - a crafted guild prop which could be placed at any location in the landscape.
S.o. built a community center with an open space for an item near my beacon. And…left again. Individual places to enroll in a guild or tribe even a city. A huge settlement could contain several of those tag stations even tag formations depending how many players have decided to join a guild. A message of the day is always nice even if it doesn’t change for a while.

The option or accessible menu for a guild also could be implemented into your home or central beacon. It would leave out the individual guild info spots.

Interesting would be the aspect of finding schemes of magic ressource of a distant guild somewhere on a completely other planet or world. For example you would need to find an aura orb for each of the three primary guild members of a guild, combine them via magic or magitech ritual and open the portal straight to their world. Quite exciting idea for me right now: Collect all existing guild founder aura orbs in a realm and combine them, in order to jump from one to a way beyond world. Or absurd idea. Not sure. Is a random discovery element on a big scale, since fluently transgressing a portal is truly amazing and an awesome element in this game. But normally you would jump from your world to the closest or nearest neighbouring world.

I’ve answered the questions in this post (and a couple of others) in this thread: