So I was wounding what the plan for quests was like with a little detail

more then players make quests. because when iv talked more in depth with some people it just sounds like quests will be pointless and not having them would be sad they could give something to do rather then be bored at times or maybe give an interesting or funny story

  • Player A tells player B that he will give a cool sword for 100 stone
    what if the sword is only worth 10 stone does player B just get ripped off
    what if player B has to log off before finishing or wants to take a brake and do something else
    Why doesn’t player A just go to market and buy 100 stone or more which would be on demand almost
    and so on
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Ben said that npc’s arent on the list of things atm. i could imagine a randomly generated system where you just get the same ‘‘kill 10 boars’’ quests and stuff. i suck at sandbox games and would also like to have some idea on waht to do when i am ingame, but if the community stays as awesome i might gather up a guild that makes events for people.

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Yes the value of things should be made by the players. Guilds, being a power group of sorts would then decide on its needs and make quests from there.

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Quests are really just another form of barter, all we need is a good way of facilitating them, and a secure trading system so nobody gets cheated and we’ll be good to go. Bulletin boards have been mentioned.

Although quests often are related to story, I think Oort will be telling it’s story through exploration mainly. Perhaps ancient lore tomes that can be found later on when we unlock temples etc.


Quests could something like

Player A needs some Oort tech for his research and sets up a message on a bulletin board, where he offers a newly build advanced magic glove for 2 pieces of Oort tech or an enchanted bow for 1 piece. Player A further notes that he is always to be found around the city bazaar from 1-2 PM GMT.

Player B walks by the bulletin board and sees that somebody needs some new Oort tech so he decided to take to a higher tier world where he had found some clues to where he could find a temple. He finds the tech returns with it and gets paid by player A


In a crafting game the hunt for mats or recipes for higher equip can be like quests. If those tasks are made on a creative way (not only hunt for 10 pelts, but for many different mats and crafted items and tooks) they can fulfill the player for a long time. Max be there are random treasures hidden in monster lairs or at hard reachable places so that you have to get beyond those obstacles to get your reward :wink:

i like the RaiderZ system and i will write at post at one point, its not just skin. its like ‘‘you need 1 wolffang, 2 spider silk and 4 goblin fur’’ to make 1 armor.

It would be cool if there was a value check system on the bored or what ever
And rather then the other player getting on

Once completed the items are sent in the mail or something

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Things are worth what people are willing to pay.

you cant have a set value for mats, it highly depends on supply and demand.

as for talking about ‘‘omg he could get cheated cause the reward isnt worth the quest’’ well then dont complete the quest, simple.

Especially for special effects on items you would need rare mats like gems or tokens so if you really want to have outstanding items you may have to hunt long or pay others for this deeds. I think that such a system and economy is a good way to fill the hole which is filled with quests in other games. I love the possibilities which can be used for that cuz it is not only hunting/grinding but also exploring and the search for the right world or the right places to trade :slight_smile:

Well a basic system that says 2 feathers are worth 2 gold some players arnt going to know that and oh cool someones selling 2 feathers for 1000 gold and yea if it’s small then it’s not a big deal

economy is not that easy mate, if you have 1000 pieces of leather being sold then they might be worth one gold, but if there is only 50 being sold its worth much more, it should be up to the indiviual players if they think it is worth or not. I will always try to get as much money for something as humanly possible


while the reviser is trying to get it for the best deal so say you in a town with a market then the check could go off of reasonable prices of the market value of that town and the player A still picks the price but player B is able to see ok they want 50 to 100 extra gold but that’s not really a big deal to me

so the person has a little info so if it is a rip off they are the ones that decide to do it less fuss and the prices go up and down depending on the market value of that town.

and you cant do anything crazy

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Not sure if you mean that. But how about letting players organize trading values on a bulletin board if they think it’s necessairy?
If you have a 5 Player village then they probably won’t scam each other and the prices will differ from a big town with hundreds of players. Let the players decide if they want to inform people on the market. And if some people don’t care to read it, it’s their own fault.

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Also, take into account that localised differences in the prices of goods leads to dedicated traders, who buy cheap in one place and sell high in another- they move goods around the Oort world and make a profit doing so. If the value of goods is universalised, this no longer happens.


I think the currency should be used for more then just trading. If it is not used for other purposes like repairing or powering engines or beacons it will be a hole value in your inventory. Of cause it should be able to trade not only with a currency like gold coins but also with materials. I just remember guild wars 1 where we’re two materials used for trading as well, cuz you had need them for the nearly rarest set of armor (skin), Ectoplasma Orbs and Obsidian. Sometimes this mats also changed the worth of gold/platin for the players.

The problem with making currency items through crafting with other mats is that you have to fix the outcome of the Crafting for each material. On this way the worth of those mats would be fixed which works against the aim that the worth of all stuff is made by players, not the game itself.

there is no such thing as scams in the world economy, there are just good salesmen and stupid buyers. if i make something i set the price, if people dont want to pay it then i cant force them, i might be willing to haggle, but ultimately it comes down to how much time i used on getting the mats and crafting the item.

you basically suggest some overkill coding system as a safenet for stupid players, also how would it work? if i say to a person that i want 20 g for an item, how would it KNOW, what other players are selling it for? i would also set the price based on level and current gear to make an estimated guess on how much i can get out of the person.

there are extremely many variables.

let the external currency just be an external currency. but yes they need to find a way to make it have value, i think the general thing traded most would be oort shards and if the gold fails those would be used as a currency.

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What I’m saying is that resources should become currency. Mint gold into gold tokens, which are usable in crafting, yet aesthetically a currency. Make this the case for many different materials of differing uses, and we’ll decide as players what we mint and what’s a penny versus a pound.