Race Heights Issues

I personally think that having different heights for our races will hinder the customization aspect for the players.

I know if us the player ase care about how our characters will look and feel I think the heights should be equal and so it’s not like you can’t come cause your too tall/short or you make an easy target or can’t see the short one and they get lost.

The medium block is perfect cause you can have all that detail on a character with gear and equipment and not look dangly like the tall one or not being able to equip stuff cause your only one block high. I can draw up an example for those that wish for me to elaborate further.

What do you guys think? I personally would like equal height. I mean like the special traits come from the race and not heights.

I actually feel it helps to make the races more characteristic :smiley:

But isn’t that again a way that to differentiate between the races? If you want to make a mole bar you are of course going to do so other races have a harder time comming in. This helps to make RP a thing and lets the players create their own story.

I think they are going to make so all gear can be used by all races if not race specefic gear becomes a thing and then it wouldn’t be limmited by height but by race

And i am quite sure if they make a 3 blocks tall race they are going to make sure it looks dangly in a good way.

Else you could always add other characteristics based on height and then let races have multiple height options:

This way people would not be forced into choosing a race they do not like to get the right height or getting a height they don’t like to get the right races.

Well having it 3 blocks to 1 is kinda extreme. I think it depends. I’ll have to draw up an example.

I actually think different heights can bring more diversity to the table. As such, races with lower height can access areas that are impassable by higher races. Although I do think that it’d be better if we could choose the height of our character regardless of his race.


I’d honestly like to see stuff like crawling and such to help balance out the smaller areas to explore. I mean I’m thinking about the design and character creation and accessibility to everybody and thinking about the armor and weapons, backpacks and everything. I mean the 1 block makes me think…hmm must be an ooze, slime or something.

1 block to me says, 4 legged creature and not of a humanoid, like I would think building as a small person be hard. As a 3 block tall player I’m sure alot of other players probably wouldn’t consider building a 3 block high door or room for that matter and just build just big enough for themselves and then the complications to if somebody gets stuck in somebody’s structure cause the other player can trap them and they can’t get out.


Dwarves look at you and laugh.


Maybe if dwarves were a pixie or something, but I honestly cannot see a dwarf being one block.

If average human is 2 blocks high, then a dwarf is definitely a 1-block creature.

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I’m trying to think of character customization, equipment and all that, if they were that small, if I played a one block character and saw somebody that got cooler looking gear than me and we wore the same equipment I feel like that doesn’t seem right I mean I can only see like a helmet really showing off and the weapon. Maybe tiny tiny pants, shirt, gloves, boots.

Not saying it’s not impossible, but as a person who loves aesthetics and customization in a character, I’m just saying I’m feeling like unless there is unique gear for each height of character it might look odd, who knows, I mean we haven’t seen any characters yet in-game so I dunno. But from the Oort character art so far…every race is the same height.

They look a bit comical, sure, but still awesome.

Different races mean different flavor.

As do Giraffes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Can the devs say when they can show off the character models for the different heights? Maybe that could put me at ease? That way they can get more suggestions, it’s still being developed I mean nothing is set in stone if they are gonna be the 1 2 3 block heights or just one standard height or not.

Giraffes are cute.

I personally would like atmost a 1/2 block difference in height for races.


I agree, 1 block seems too short and 3 blocks seem too tall. That might help to not make it so extreme in difference.

We’ll have to wait till Monday and see if @ben or @james can give us some information or not. At this point it’s all up in the air.

Right now we’re planning for all the races to effectively be the same height. There’s various knock-ons from the prototype we’re not happy with at the moment. Hope to share more on races soon.


Thank you @ben for getting in touch with us. :smiley: I’m so looking forward to it.

Great news!

Please do :slight_smile: Or is it Soon™?