Rains Bridge on Arie - Now open

I started playing this game at the beginning of December 2018 on the PS4.
Choosing to start my life on Arie, one of the first things that struck me was how unexciting the bridge were. And there is a constant need for bridges on Arie.

So I did some Googling and found an exciting and challenge design for a bridge on planetminecraft.com called by Mcholypotato. https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/adacian-arch-bridge/

For the last 2 months I have painstakingly rebuilt this bridge on Arie in Boundless. Full credit to Mcholypotato for the original design, although I had to make a few subtle changes due to limited space and materials available (No beams and poles where I started!)

I’m now very pleased that my creation is complete!

Behold the ‘Rains Bridge’ (Original Design by Mcholypotato) on Arie (1,376N 1,242E 72A)



Can I please invite you to build me something similar at my little town. :slight_smile:
Your style of building fits mine perfectly. :sunglasses: :boundless:

How do I get there?

Nm found it. “Bongo” portal at Arie River Towns. Very nice, complex build.

Some minecraft builds really are awesome, currently building Axianerve’s victorian mansion in River towns. Really nice job you’ve done with the bridge.

Thanks :grinning:

I’m also in the middle of building an Arena on Delta Cancrat. Building in February! Share your build and goals!

And I have a third project that I’m planning and collecting resources for but haven’t started.

Where is your little village?


Correct a portal hop from river towns called Bongo.
Or warp directly to 1,376N 1,242E 72A on Arie

Thank you.

Awesome bridge!

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I am on pheminorum. When you take the PS hub to biitula then hop through ]I[ run over the bridge and go down in the basement. After you first admire what my colleagues illuminoorti are builfing. There is a portal to ]i] rustic mittens :slight_smile:

Super cool but think you need to make it boundless with chisel take it to next level :slightly_smiling_face: perfect build for a before and after

I definitely agree with you. It needs to be smoothed out to remove some of the blockiness. I have some ideas already


Thats awesome! Nice work

i love that ya have plans some tips if you accept
the top ya can build default in sand next to it to chisel on floor before doing the real thing and also just taking the chisel and wack it and reset until it start look cool is best approach imo
you also only need to design one corner if the build is sorta uniform on all sides
also what people forget is to add stuff before chiseling our it ends up to thin lot off great chiseldetails are tiny but in default state massive
not trying to be chiselexpert just sharing experiences :smile:

Looks bloody cool.

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