Randomly (Leave) Guild, but I don't select to leave

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I have been trying to join the RTG and whenever I leave the game, and come back on the next day, I see somehow I have left the guild, and people tell me the guild log says I left, but I didn’t choose the option to leave…

Any help ?

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Any dev can help?

You might need to post this on the baldurs gate 3 forum to get any of the devs to see messages these days :rofl::rofl:


Though I’m not having issues personally, saw this in the game chat and figured I’d add it to the thread to add documentation…


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Rest in peices

Same problem here.


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that i will likely not get a response I mean lol

Ahh lol ok. Based on the appearance of turbulenz being mothballed after the larian staff pillaging it may well be the case…

That being said, tagging the devs in the thread might help :smile: