Rarity of new liquids ... not always available to all

I wonder if it would be worth giving the raw materials like resin and petrolim a debuff which, the more you handle them, prevents you picking up more for a limited time… so essentially you can only pick up 100 (example number) in an hour. You’d then need to wait for the debuff to clear (with it persisting through death) before you can get any more. This could then give others an actual chance Instead of a couple dozen players reaping all the rewards.

Edit: just realised what thread I was in, so moved this to its own suggestion post.


Love this idea. :slight_smile: I had been thinking maybe if they could make a small amount of the rare stuff instanced, but this would be a lot easier… though the alts would be an issue of course still, but it would cut it way down.

I had a really evil idea some time back: introduce a mob sort of like a No Man’s Sky sentinel, that if you took too many resources, they would spawn more and more and get more deadly on you in proportion to what you took to punish the ravaging of the landscape. :rofl: I know nobody would want that but I just thought it was funny.


But then it doesnt reward you for “grinding”.
Put more time in, get more reward. If you want to be a casual player, then deal with having to buy said resources.

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The trouble being, a casual player cannot afford 10k for just one of those new liquids.


I support a change in how the new liquids are handled although I am not sure adding a new mechanic like this is the way to go. I think an increase in spawn volume or making them regenerable would be better. Or even, dare I say it, a nerf to the liquid breaker.

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Most who are for it will be EU Players i guess :slight_smile:

So most EU Players are casual now, Gotcha!

Coin is so easy to come by in this game? A casual player can mine diamond for an hour and make 50k easily.

And also, I sell resin at 1k and petrolim at 2.5k. So I don’t know where 10k has come from?

Why would a casual player farm diamonds for an hour when they want to set up a farm?


I would appreciate it if people who have full time jobs and families as well as find time to play Boundless are not called "casual " players, it implies we just dip in and out of the game when we feel like it because we can’t be bothered.


Set up a farm, it still takes time to grow. What are you gonna do, stand and watch it grow?

Any resource that is gone in under an hour is not grinding, it is the player that can get it being lucky with the planet spawns or having very few commitments outside of playing. I am far from a casual player and have only been at home once when one of these worlds spawned.


I got online an hour after the first exo spawned and 2 hours after the other and still managed to get a nice amount of all materials?

I don’t think your values stack up either… so an hour grinding for diamonds gets you 50k… so you can buy what… 5 maybe 10 of a resource?


This would be interesting however the 2 main issues with something on par with this is what keeps the buffed (savage?) Enemies from targeting players that weren’t involved?

The second would just be a rise on the speed tank build. Add as much health and protection as possible and carry the appropriate foods.

Would be cool though of it could be pulled off right

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What if the game is not meant for casual players?

The resources aren’t that scarce though. If anyone is really struggling for any of the resin or petrolim, or perhaps fertalizer from both. stop by Blingz’n’Thingz I don’t mind handing some out :v:t3:


I agree Boundless isn’t the most casual friendly, but out of all the different content areas of Boundless, I’d say farming is the most casual friendly

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Yeah, that would be one trick, having them only aggro on the guilty parties… and then of course, you’d have to have it so only the guilty parties could do damage to prevent raid groups with people not taking the resources ready to fight.

I was thinking that they’d be so powerful that if you went nuts, no way you could survive regardless of build, you’d be dead very quickly. Maybe even make these mobs damage carried tools on death to make it more of a punishment. If you took a few here and there, then let it cool off, you’d be ok though.

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I’m not sure a debuff would work but maybe just a hard limit to what an individual can carry of each at a time period.

I’m all for just about anything that makes these available to more players.

This is coming from someone who was able to get on three exos yesterday and pillage the fluids.


The game is already hard enough. I hate it when people comes up with crazy ideas to make it even harder.

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