Raxxian Sanctuary Video Tour - May 2020 Update

Remember the old Raxxian sanctuary Video Tour ? Well I made a new one!

Hope you like it! Warning, it’s long, but the build is big too.

Other stuff...

I’ve been wanting to do some cleaning-up in the builds I did, and I was on a roll, so I made this little video to showcase what I did during my time in Creativerse :

Clearly, what I did on Boundless looks better, but I still miss mah furniture update!


Absolutely stunning!!! I love this build! Yup,still my favorite! Music is epic also!

This is why we need a huge influx of players. A town of this magnitude should be bustling with players.


So beautiful - love everything about it: colors, lighting, design… definitely one of my favorites!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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