Raxxian sanctuary Video Tour

Hey there!

So, over the course of the past few months, I’m sure you’ve seen here and there some screenshots I’ve posted about the build I’m making with my friend Malentir. It’s the Raxxian Sanctuary.

But this time, I got better than screenshots!
It’s a lil’ janky, though, I’m not a great video maker. ^^’

I hope you enjoy it!
There will be more to come at a later date, so stay tuned!


I’m sharing this one for sure… I absolutely love everything about it. :heart_eyes: It is so beautiful, and a great video to show off what can be done in Boundless! Just incredible work, my highest compliments here. :slight_smile:

Just love the lighting and the way the light plays everywhere too, like the Senate Room at around 3:00, that is just so pretty and has such atmosphere. Chrysominter room is awesome… sort of did the same in making a room for some of them, but combined it with storage. :wink: And mine is nowhere near as cool as yours!!And I like puns like in your shopping area too, so you get bonus points there, IMO. :grin:


Thanks. Really happy that you appreciate it! :smiley:

It took the entire afternoon to make the video, I had a 110 Go video file to work with. Kinda wish there was a way to set-up cameras on rails or something to that effect. I used to make some neat videos for World of Warcraft.


This is truely amazing.
Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work!
I watched the whole 25mins in awe.
Greetings to your friend.


Since the video was made, Malentir has been working on a submerged cathedral.

Malentir was clever enough to add some skill symbols for Intelligence, Power, Control and Zeal.

Near the entrance of the island, in the Reception Hall, we also added a nice relaxing pond.


He has the means to open a guest house at home with a tourist program to discover … It’s very pretty, it’s envy.


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Really gorgeous, great work!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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pretty much a masterpiece…a real joy to look around

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this place is sorta nearish to me. Its an amazing build.

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wow… really nice.
i always get some nice vibes when i wander at your place.
Superb work Malentir

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If you have not been here yet put it on your to do list because it is stunning :slight_smile:
@Goblinounours you guys have been very busy , it has changes a lot since the last time I visited …

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Very nice! I like the new deco gleam upgrades rolling through, too :]

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Thanks for the nice comments.

We’re doing improvements on the main build of the Raxxian Sanctuary because we’re kinda stuck on the town project. We’re surrounded by other people’s plots (some belonging to players who likely have only been online once to set their plot protection, and haven’t updated their actual build in about a year). We pretty much can’t expand anymore, especially because of plot protection.
I’m still waiting for the conclusion of… another more recent situation which has been quite public (more than it should have been).
It’s super frustrating, so the town project is saddly in stand-by. :confused:

I feel bad saying this, but I’m at the point where I’m wishing for the builds of our neighbors to go wild so we can take them over and maybe rebuild them in the style of the Sanctuary.

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try messaging them, maybe seeing if they have a forum account or on the discord?

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I tried that. To my knowledge, the player has no forum account.
The best I could do was to leave an in-game private message that the player will maybe see next time he logs in. But for all I know, that player might not log in before Summer 2020 or something.

If there was a way to get a ping via e-mail when you get a private message in-game while you’re offline, that would help a lot.

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C’est ballot!

Indeed, it’s sad … Unless you make a network under ground or a floating annex, it’s a pity. Should Wonderstruck get us rocket launches or bulldozers?:thinking:
No, it’s a very bad idea … :expressionless:

You can’t plot above or below someone’s plots, though. Otherwise, yeah, we might’ve tried that.

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You can build a consulate at my home in Vielle Grenouille if you want! :frog:

Let me say i passed by this the other day and didnt spend more than 30 seconds (was omw to a far shop). How wrong was I. The build, the lighting, the music, the colors, the setting - basically everything gave off the vibes of a magical old RPG game. Fantastic job overall. Enjoyed every minute of the video. Kept getting surprised and i loved it. Halls, canals, waterfalls… Really good job.

On another note, how i genuinely wish we had more props to fill and give life to our builds… Especially interactive props including furniture… Would breathe even more life and magic into such a build. A man can dream though…
Keep up the good work!


We’re still expanding!
I’ve been working on a museum idea to expose the seams and other blocks.