Reasons why monumental are winners

so my post was removed calling the new dev’s losers
so can someone our the dev’s show me why they are winners
was stating it as an observation not an insult by the way
instead of removing things i have a better option =defending yourself
guess its the modern way of sorting stuff out just censor it lol
cause “feelings” the great excuses of our current times


I’m guessing it would have been removed because it goes against the code of conduct, but I might be old fashioned.


About every critical sound on this forum is either censored by staff or flagged by Boundless fanboys.
And people wonder why ex-boundless players write their thoughts/concerns elsewhere.


They are keeping the servers running :+1:


I don’t think calling someone a loser is being critical. I think it’s being nasty. There are plenty posts that people have made that have criticised both Monumental and Wonderstruck’s handling of communication, for example, that haven’t been removed. I guess tone and intent are important.


clap friends


I’ve been very critical about the game and critical about both companies, but I can’t remember calling anyone or either company losers. I also wouldn’t call myself a fanboy, but I do love the game.

It must have been a very hard decision for Monumental to purchase Boundless. I know Monty did his research and looked at the Steam reviews, looked at these forums and heard all about it from James and yet they still bought the game knowing how toxic most of it was.

Here’s a few things said on Steam:

“Avoid Monumental is all I can say!”

“Great potential! community is mostly toxic, lots of dev confusion and forum bickering”

“Honestly its a shame this game is as abandoned as it is.”

"I will not support a developer that actively silences the community because they don’t want to be criticized.

If you didn’t want criticism, Monumental, you shouldn’t have gone into the game development business."

There’s criticism and just plain ugly and immature comments. If you are critical of the game in a mature way they won’t “silence” you. However, calling someone a loser, or any other negative term is just going to get your post removed, and honestly anyone that has been on these forums for any amount of time knows this.

The servers are running, support is happening, but as we all know there has been no communication or any update other than a logo. I don’t like it, many of us don’t, but I still play the game because it’s still enjoyable for me. If it isn’t enjoyable for you, update your Steam review to a negative one and just move on.

With no development, no communication and no updates it will just die and everyone can see that, you don’t have to be rude or ugly about it.


People will always have a voice and use it, it means they care.


I’d imagine anyone still playing the game or watching these forums care that is a given. All I am saying is, be mature about it.


All I see is all the time is only 2 options given by the fanboys here:
1- Play the game and be happy and be positive on the forums.
2- If you are not happy, stop playing complately, stop writing (negative) posts on the forums and never return.

People have the right to read on a public forum like this that not everything here is 100% positive and again, people will use their voice to express their opinion. Like it or not… !


All I see all the time is:

  1. The game is playable.
  2. Support is happening.
  3. Are there any updates?
  4. This game is abandoned

I could go on, but I imagine nearly all of these “fanboys” agree with you. You could simply call them people though, see that’s my point. You too were once a “fanboy”, but I’d never call you that because usually it’s used and taken in a very negative tone.

Express your opinion and disgust, I welcome it as I hope it makes a difference, but there’s tactful ways of expressing an opinion and ways that will get a post removed. If you want people to see things aren’t 100% positive, then a tactful negative post is the way to not get it removed.


This is where things go wrong though.
Like I said before: “About every critical sound on this forum is either censored by staff or flagged by Boundless fanboys.”

Funny to see @Redlotus that you are not critical to people that clearly try to annoy/insult me. (or annoy/insult other people that write their concerns and are critical)
Yet their posts are not flagged or censored and stay online.

I wish Boundless was never sold to Monumental at all, nothing good from that so far and I don’t see anything good happening at all. (and I am allowed to have that opnion)

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It does not matter what we write @Redlotus here from now on. Even if we agree or disagree in a normal way. (as it should be)

This forum thread will be closed and archived out of sight anyway, I am sure as it happens all the time.

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I would disagree, I’ve even defended you. We have had discussions about this in private about certain players that were “giving you a hard time” and annoying you. I won’t say names, but you know exactly what I’m talking about.

If posts are contradicting your view, or the opposite of your opinion and your post gets removed and their posts don’t that is mostly likely because of something that was against the rules.

All that said, I hear you… and agree with you … I am sure Monumental hears us all, just wish we could get some some kind of response a little more often.

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No news till they switch off the servers… just wait for it. (Same way they did with Crowfall I am afraid)

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you suggest that those who don’t use insult don’t care?
or that the only way to care is to insult?
is being insulting the only way to show care?


I will not get myself into a distracting endless debate @boundmore , you know the answers to your questions as well as I do.

It’s easy to turn that table.
2 options given by moaners:

  1. Stop playing and be unhappy on the forums (how dare you to be happy, right?)
  2. If you are happy, don’t dare to respond to unhappy players; in the end why have equal rights to post ones views? better if negative are ok but anyone not agreeing should stay quiet;

seen that one before - “let me vent and insult others but I don’t want any response” - “dont reply, it’s not a discussion” etc.

Is it ok though to go as far as insulting and expect to not be flagged?

That way we can all do personal attacks, insult each other and defend ourselves with “I shouldn’t be punished because I care”.

There are people who kill because they care, is all I’m saying here.

caring (supposedly) is not an excuse to be an ass
caring (supposedly) is not an excuse to avoid flag or ban

Being moderate, positive and happy playing Boundless (even in current state of affairs) doesn’t necessarily mean lack of critical thinking or care .

I’ve seen too often that dev-critical voice that gets argued (not “attacked”) respond with labels like “white knight”, “fanboy” or generally “toxic community”.

I don’t argue the sadly unsure state of the game. lack of communication from owners etc., I argue the style of discourse and weird expectation that going too far with wording can meet a flag or a ban.
Saying that - I am lenient myself a lot, and I wouldn’t flag or ban most of the posts/topics that met this sad fate. Still, one should understand there is and will be some moderating and censoring (as much as one should understand that calling names is not the best choice, be it forums or real life).


Countless posts that were not rude or insulting at all were flagged and hidden by the awfull automated forum system that is running here as they simply did not like the post. (had nothing to do with breaking any rules)

You know it, I know it and we all know it.

Where the heck did I break a forum rule ? Tell me please !

I even have proof that staff deleted posts deliberately as they did not like the criticism.
Check the Boundless Steam reviews and look how many people complain about this forum and the way they are censored.

I care for the game and will only play it again when Monumental sells Boundless to a gaming company that gives a damn about the game.

I will repeat:

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Unfortunately. Flag system has been a pain in the proverbial backside for years as it’s too easy to abuse.

But many deserving were blocked too and that’s what I’m at.
That’s why I would be more lenient in the way flag system is set, probably remove it if it was up to me, and just deal with possible real abusers manually case by case… you do need time and man power for that to be effective though…

We are stuck in a bog of temporary measures, I suppose…a pity the temporary got longer than the initial “full time” development/support period of Wonderstruck.

Anyways… off to playing Boundless I go… I noticed the servers are still on :wink: