Reassigning locations

A simple addition which would save time and confusion, at least for me.

This idea is to add another option when clicking on the location menu:


A “Reassign location” button which would change the location’s coordinates to where the character is standing if they are on the same planet as the original location was set in.

This would save the hassle of trying to delete a previous location and making a new one to replace it.
I would find use in this function when mining, where I tend to make location points in large caves, then come back to them later and continue mining, then I will have to make another location and delete the previous one when I am still in the cave and want to continue again later.


Would work a bit like “make your current home” beacon function.
Also useful for saved builds locations. When they rebuild and expand you might start landing on a roof etc. Quick reasign to a point a dozen blocks away and voila!