Redrock Forum - A Billboard Hub for Oortians

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With the new signs, you can now leave messages to others. This opens up a lot of new collaboration options in the game. One thing that is still lacking in this game is a place for people to request help or find friends. You can do so in the forums of course but many players don’t bother checking the forums. So my idea would be to build a billboard hub where people can put up signs and leave messages to each other. Say if you want some help with your awesome build, you could leave a message at the hub and people could come and check for work or something. When people actively check up on the boards, there’s also people to talk to directly so you wouldn’t even need to set up a message every time.

How this would work:

  • This place would be connected to all the major portal hubs with a direct link so new players would find it easily. To make portal fueling cheaper, should be built in Vulpto for instance which is the shortest amount of hops for most planets.
  • You’d have to request a permission on the plot that allows you to place signs. (Could be divided into multiple sections so people don’t have to rely on one person to give you permission) The access should be controlled by trusted people in case of trolls

What do you think of this idea? Feel free to leave a improvement ideas and if you want this to happen, contact me and let’s start building. If you own a portal hub, please contact me so we can set up a portal to the billboard hub in a prominent location at your hub.

EDIT: The Hub is now live with portal connections from fire caverns, therka market moebius plaza, black light, Gleams Vena V, Solahub Vulpto station and Munteen Paradise. There are also free space for more portals if you want to link to this. If you want a plot at the forum, just message me and I’ll free one for you! Here’s some pictures:


I like the Idea a lot.
But how do you contact people if you are a visitor and found a board you would like to respond?
I’m currently asking people on a sign to contact me on the forum if they need help with my roads or need some of the reserved plots.
Which feels … wrong.

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great idea!
I get what you mean @Kirinvar, this would be a perfect utilization for an in-game mail system.
Although it doesn’t feel wrong to me, it’s just what our options are right now :stuck_out_tongue:
That and discord

Yes, I know that is a problem. Everyone who wants to interact with the billboards have to ask permissions for that place. That is a bit annoying and especially would hinder new players from responding to the messages. I have a solution for this. It’s rather odd work around but works. Basically, you could have a request basket for tokens underneath the billboards. If someone wants to respond, they can save a location, rename the location with their desired message and craft a location marker. Then they could sell that location marker and sell it to that basket. That way anyone could respond :stuck_out_tongue:


And to expand on this idea, people could also leave an ad with a location token so people could check out some new places as well.

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That’s a really clever idea. I like it.
It’s almost like ingame mail. Only with very short messages.
But it’s enough to establish contact.

Were you thinking of something like this?


I have this in my HQ, if you go to the pixelgate Jeff portal accross from Aquatopia portal there is a Glehn republic portal straight to my base, I have a “message boar” with contracts and info how to properly contact me if interested. You can check it out if you want some ideas.

My suggestion would be to make something in Mobius plaza or Munteen paradise. Make a rectangular structure, maybe 2 plots high and if people want to have their messages boars there then you unplot the 1x2 plots to take over that small section and build their message boar and list what they want. As far as players contacting them, that should be up to the player, email(how I have mine) or forums pm, steam, request basket, :snail: mail. Whatever you get the point.

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made this sugestion a while back :smile:

Awesome! That’s something but I want to create something on a more grander scale where anyone could write anything.

Sounds like a good idea, I think I will go with this kind of setup :slight_smile:

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Good luck, if you need help with mats I could help you once you get a spot picked out.

Pixelgate is also a great spot for this kind of build as everyone knows where to find it.

My personal locations suggestions for this structure would be;

Therka market( Mobius plaza central hub for most things)

US East

  1. pixelgate (well known capital)
  2. Aquatopia (lots of portals)
  3. Glehn republic (active city, lots of room)

US West

  1. Black light (lots of portals and artistic set up)
  2. Eden (great spot but very restricted)
    3)Elopor portas (capital)
  3. New Berlyn. (Good spot but not enough traffic.)

N/A (personally I don’t know)

My first choice would be Therka Market.

I picked a place for the hub in Vulpto since it is the closest to most of the player base. The central square of the hub will have 12 portal slots in 2 by X setup. 4 of the portals are reserved for direct links between Solum, Munteen VII, Nasharil and Therka (Moebius Plaza) the rest can be linked to whatever people want. I have now activated a link from Moebius plaza next to the fire caverns portal labeled as Forum.

To kick off this project, I need help with the following tasks:

  • Design
  • Gathering resources
  • Setting up links to portal networks
  • Building

First we need to plan how the area will be setup, then we need to design the buildings, Then we need to get resources and start building. If you’re interested in helping, Respond to this thread, send me a message on discord toxip#9973 or find me from Therka at Glasfyre Inn behind the Forum portal :slight_smile:

Here’s a placeholder board for requesting help on the hub that also works as an example on how the hub would work.