Reestablishing The Forge economy!

Hello, I have recently begun to play on Boundless but once again. It’s crazy to see how things change, city’s Gone, Hubs falling, friends moving on, Some gone for good :broken_heart:. 5 years of change!

Anyway I like to look on the bright side and remember those good days by playing once again! I bring fresh faces to learn the ways of Boundless!

My main point of this post is to find any active Forgers that would be willing to strike a Deal/Contract to supply forged tools of all kinds to support the incoming wave of players. It’s been hard to find decent tools anywhere in stock long. More details can be discussed with me if you are interested! Pm me here or in Game!


Is there a wave coming. Did I miss something. I hope so.


Ye total tsunami.




Not a major wave, I’ve just been promoting the game myself across my discords and PS friends and managed to get a handful to play !


That’s awesome!! Have you tried EZPZ or Fantasy Tree for forged goods?


I’ve looked lots of places , not to many for the right job, my goal is to rebuild the forge economy, I want to supply someone with tools in small bulk amounts and in return receive a few of the tools forged. The rest are for the Contractor to do with as they please…I’d assume sell and make profit.

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Just to make sure you are aware, unforged gem tools usually go for 850-1000c each.

Forged T6 gem tools go for 8000 -10000 usually I think
So you would be looking at giving 8-10 unforged hammers to get 1 forged hammer


EZPZ buy gems and sell forged tools. There’s no contract going on tho, ppl can decide whether they want to sell gems to us or to other buyers/use for building. We also forge and give away beginner toolsets to new players to help them start their boundless journey.


I would ask for two of the ten tools. I believe it’s worth the labor I go through for the tools, all they have to do is forge them and rake in profit

This is the kind of response I’d expect from someone who hasn’t forged much, if at all. The gums, pastes, boon compounds, and resins are factored into the final cost. Wit how random the forging is, it is hit and miss. You can either be really lucky, or have a really bad time.


Thankfully there is a forge guide @Vansten made

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I usually keep very little items in my shop stands. However, I can pump out quite a large amount, relatively quickly. I prefer doing bulk orders and hand trading, because it feels more communal, and I hate taxation without representation.

Ask @HOST about that time he ordered 1000 hammers and watched me not leave the forge for 3 days straight :rofl:

Regardless of who you purchase your goods from, I feel as if that everyone here is willing to work with you on anything you could possibly need!

My two cents about tool costs, however, is that the price you pay for a nicely forged item (340 and up) is more so for the forger to recoup costs of deconstruct resin as well as items lost to deconstruction. Also, sanity. <3


Not to mention sanity…

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I am sure someone could create some form of contract for you, but it won’t be cheap. If there is a wave of new players, they should be ok to start with the beginner tools that I am sure @KArios might supply them.

They should be able to generate enough coin via leveling to buy the tools they need. I know early on I tend to focus on tools versus plots, but that’s a personal choice.

On top of that, I imagine they won’t need T6 tools right off, if it’s just T3 or so that would probably be a better choice. There are many shops to choose from.

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Yes, if you’d factor in sanity, the tool price would go to infinite. I - loath - forging :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I enjoy forging honestly … it does get a little frustrating but it’s like it’s own minigame.

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I see why you are trying to get me to forge myself, and I have forged myself .but I’ve never bought boons or gums myself. I was given them and taught to forge to Debstep…her forges and my forges were very different I was very bad at it. I’m a baker anyway lol I make pies and brews sometimes…other than that I mine for others needs I don’t even really build much.

This “wave” is just a handful of people. In reality only one needs low grade tools. She don’t know the game. Two others are my worker bees…they know stuff and need proper tools to help me on Mcrib or galan

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I’d offer to help but helping @DarkestVoid and his group has taken its toll on my money not horriblely I still have enough money to be ok just has been keeping it lower than normal