Refined gleam was a different colour than indicated in the refinery queue!

Tried making pale sepia gleam, which came out cool blue.

I was using a mixture of the two colours to make it, I cancelled the craft a couple of times as it came up as cool blue, so I am almost certain that it was pale sepia in the queue, but still came out the wrong colour.

It’s random, what it shows in the queue doesn’t necessarily mean that it will become that colour.

Been like this since the beginning tho!

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@james has posted openly that the color of the queue icon does not necessarily reflect the output color specifically to stop what you describe.

Oh really!

I thought it was random in what colour it made, but the colour in the queue is what would be produced?

Yes, you can check it while it’s in progress & cancel it if it’s the wrong color.

Well that seems needlessly awkward.

Surely it would be better to only allow crafts with a single colour then, if that was the intention, rather than deliberately mislead players!

That’s what I tried, and recrafted so it was the correct colour in the queue, but still came out the wrong colour!

But apparently that is not the case, according to the other posts :slightly_frowning_face:

When mixing colors, things do get iffy sometimes. I spent a good hour or so, a few days ago, trying to figure out how it selects the output color. I was not able to determine how it selects the colors.

RNG :scream::scream::scream::scream:

Yes I spoke out against this as well. I understand randomizing the color but the icon should, IMO, indicate what will be produced.

It is specifically randomized to stop things like using a ton of white gleam and one black then canceling again and again until you reliably get a load of refined black.

I’ll take a minute, but finding the conversation might be hard, searching james’ post history is never easy.

Yeah, s’ok.

I kinda get it, but, well, as with most things Boundless, it just feels like it could been done in a more player friendly way.

Found it more easily searching my own history.

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Just wondering why the devs would go out of their way to stop people from gaming the software in this way, but allow people to continue to use mods to ‘game the game’?

I was thinking this sounded familiar lol.

Then …


I agree this would save a bit of heartache. It might stop some people who don’t mind random colors from mass crafting ‘scraps’ of stuff but I’m not sure how many people do that anyways.

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Actually, you may be surprised to find that just opening and closing the machine interface repeatedly can and will change the predictive colour displayed. The preview does not reflect the final result; just one of however many possibilities based on materials used.

From my own extensive experimentation and experience, I can comfortably assume it is indeed based on a odds percentage of sorts… Very akin to gambling. A loose example: 35 White Gleam +1 Lavender Gleam = 1/36 chance for 50 Refined Lavender Gleam from a mixed mass craft.

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I did not understand your free intervention on my letter on halloween. How often do you feel so rude? :no_mouth:

Um, not sure what this is about?

This is confirmed by james in the linked thread above. He also mentions this:

This is what I just sort of expected when I was new. I lost some of my first gleams into a batch of cool blue refined, for some reason expecting that output colors would be proportionate to input colors on a single mass craft.

Lucky for me there weren’t any exo or gleambow colors to lose back then :relieved:

My apologies, it was a message intended for @Toumashii . But obviously, it is difficult to communicate directly with this individual … Excuse me.

Ah, I see. No worries.

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