Release: 103 - Walls

New Features:

  • Added walls. Walls are always placed facing the player on the closest side of the block selected.


  • Fix for cloud shadow and weather effects being disabled. Please check you have these on in the settings.
  • Fix for texture blending on ceilings.

Cool! And first? lol

still waiting for chests xD

Never happy… :grimacing:


well i wouldnt be able to build anything slighly good even if my life depended on it. so i look forward to the RPG elements, progression and extended crafting more than blocks :smile:

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Yay! Will we be able to place to walls beside each other to make one full block, like with slabs in the future?
Also, I find the placing of the walls a bit odd. I think it would be better if the placement of the wall depended on where you clicked the block your placing it on. If that made sence.

Yeah and I’m waiting for my world being uploaded ^^ I did send an e-Mail but got no response until now.

Am I doing this right? When I face a normal block at eye level, and place the wall block straight on to the side of it, the wall block appears in the space closer to me – and thus appears to be floating in space? Is that right?

yes That is how they said it works

Okay. That seems backwards to me. @dave is there a reason not to reverse that?

Right now it seems equivalent placing a slab on the ground and having it float on the upper layer!


This release also fixed the colour of Gleam on Zltor. Thanks!

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It’s probably based on how doors are placed (which is the same way) but I kinda agree that it FEELS odd with walls working like that
But I could probably get used to it

Sorry…I’m going to deliberately push a little harder for this. Place a slab, it lays flat on the floor; place a wall, it lays flat on the wall. That’s how it should work! @james

Otherwise pilasters become impossible. :confused:

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We’re still working on placement mechanics.


If we had wall blocks made from the leaf block, it would make excellent wall climbing vines… :wink:


Are we gonna be able have to have slanted walls too?

And maybe wall stairs? :stuck_out_tongue:

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this. we need this. climbable vines.

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I’d actually love to see different types of fences too, especially for stairs and slopes so we can build safe paths alongside mountain/cliffs/deep caves/etc.

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