Release: 110 - Inverted Slopes Update

New Features:

  • Added inverted slopes. To create an inverted slope use the chisel on the bottom of a slope block.
  • Improvements (subject to tweaks) made to the physics, adding ‘proper’ swimming (player will make individual strokes, faster if double tapping W for ‘running’ instead of moving at a constant speed), and smoothing of user input so that when you press and let go of a movement key (or pad stick) the player will smoothly start and stop moving in that direction to make the input feel more fluid (creeping will still prevent you from going off cliffs).


  • Improve meshing speed by 10-20%.
  • Fix visible holes where chunks were not rendering.
  • Fix for selection box not exactly matching blocks.
  • Wooden axe now breaks bounce pad blocks faster.
  • Fix for water flowing through the bottom/top face of slabs and hatch doors.
  • Fix for players sometimes respawning in the air (and then dying).

Bringing home the Excite-Bike

I updated the game, but when I joined my world, every single block is invisible to me. The mountains, the grass, even things I built. The only things I can see are the torches, the particles, and the sky. I don’t know what’s happening. o.o

Now you can make EVEN more detailed buildings. Thanks for the update! ^^


Which world? and what location? Can you post a screenshot?

Thank you for getting to me so quickly.

It is on Yafaday.

Coordinates are:
X = 470
Y = 161
Z = -2174

Edit: I can now, strangely, see slight outlines of things, and some details like this grass and these leaves. This seems to happen only during daytime, however. Nighttime, I can’t see anything. @dave Do you have any idea what’s happening here? o.o

f12 = screenshot

Thank you!

I have no idea where the screenshot saved on my computer, however. >.<

Is it on your desktop?
you might also try the pictures folder
the Steam folder (F12 is the Steam Screenshot Key)
perhaps the Downloads folder

I found it. It was in some strange, convoluted folder under Steam.

Did it work before the update? A thing to try is update your graphics drivers.

Indeed it did. I played two days ago, and I had no issues whatsoever. All of my drivers are up-to-date. :slight_smile:

If you go in to the options and turn on/off things does it become visible?

I just tried all of the different options. None of them fixed my issue. >.<

I assume this happens on other worlds too?

Also, you are playing the game through Steam?

Indeed. I tried Gasan, Gorten, and both the same.

Yes, I am playing through Steam.

Can you let us know the OS and the graphics card you are using?

Here is a screenshot of my System Information.

Can you put your logs on gist It’s at:

%LOCALAPPDATA%\Turbulenz\Oort Online\oortonline_log.txt