Release 145: Planet Polish, Game Startup and more!

This update is accessible via the “Live” release of Boundless on Steam.

Please report all issues discovered with the update to this support thread.

It is a good idea to close and restart Steam to make sure you get the latest version of Boundless. If the update happens whilst Steam is open it’s unlikely you’ll get the latest version. (Annoying yes!)

Release Notes:

  • Added lod’s to planet textures to reduce bandwidth/memory usage for distant planets.
  • Fixed seams in rendering of planets.
  • Added noise to color map of planets to break up uniform surfaces. The noise should actually match up with how the world really renders! Though we additionally added a little noise to liquids too which isn’t normally done in-game.
  • Fixed grass dropping incorrect color of dirt.
  • Fixed minor pixel-wide gaps appearing on chunk borders within the same level of detail.
  • Fixed minor pixel-wide gaps appearing on chunk borders between lod0/lod1 as long as terrain detail is not set to LOW in the graphics options (We will most certainly remove the LOW option at some point as it breaks gameplay by being ‘too’ low details in the near-distance).
  • Fixed game startup issue that prevented new players from starting the game. Sorry!

Seems the promotion to live has increased the number of active players, which is excellent! I’ve seen so many players roaming around in game, and that’s just on the EU server!

I’ve also seen the stats on increase steadily day-on-day over the last week as well… which I think is a pretty good indication of the increase in players! For anyone interested, here’s a stats snip from yesterday for the most sought-after items …


Let me start by saying I LOVE the new update, the visuals are awesome!

Some things I am NOT liking so far…

  1. Caves are very random and lethal :frowning:

  2. No respawn at home option (your beacon) If you are killed by a spitter, it respawns you at the same spot. NOT good if it is still there :dizzy_face:

  3. Emergency warp does not port u far enough to get out of caves, etc. I would be awsome if it ports you to the surface.

  4. There is no “capital” anymore?

  5. Crafting is very confusing.

  6. No LAPAS!! :cry: (US East server, my love, my home) sigh


Glad to see your back!!! And i will never forget lapas!!!