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I was just at Havok40k’s portal hub on Berlyn, Serpens Worcelli to try and sell some Oort Shards, but the Buying Plinth wouldn’t accept them. First try they went in the sell slot, buy wouldn’t sell. Second time I couldn’t grab/move the Oort Shards in my inventory while I had the Selling Plinth open.

I’ll check it out, but it should have had 500c in it.

I saw that in the plinth, 500c. I’ve never sold to a plinth before, so maybe I’m misunderstanding the function there. shrugs

Maybe try again?

The game seems to crash when I try to craft a beacon plotter / remover from a crafting table. I’m a bit sad that they can no longer be hand crafted =/ but I understand why.

Why are items leaving from my beacon area? Lost 5 plinths, grass has regrown, and pillars I’ve built are disappearing.

@Pseudonym84 @Cynnerthia @Kurokaze @PendragonTheNinja

Regarding the issue with not receiving mining experience, is this happening with certain tools, or all tools?

What are the coordinates for the location in the screenshots?

We are looking to fix as many of these new bugs today as a priority. More news to follow.

Please keep reporting any issues you have encountered, include screenshots and coordinates if you can, this will help us to find and reproduce these bugs.


1249, 64, 1072 on Solum at Dragon’s Watch

I’m level 1 mining and have not been receive exp when using wood tools

I tried opening Boundless at home and yes, my Avast firewall just suddenly decided to block boundless_loader and hence the Steam error. Disabling the firewall for a bit helped me.


@Cobaltian, thanks for reporting the bug on the FOV reset. We are trying to reproduce this bug. We have done the following but we could not reproduce it.

  1. Set the FOV to 110
  2. Approach a machine and press E or to interact with a machine.
  3. Exit the machine screen and see if the FOV has changed to 90.


not sure a slingbow should be inside another slingbow as ammo

I also get error 25 when creating a beacon plotter in the crafting table

How often does it happen between other worlds?

Thanks for the extra information about the cuttletrunks, we still cannot reproduce it yet, but a bug has been logged.

For the second issue, if you can get a screen capture that would be great.

We’re not seeing this so far, what graphics card do you have?

Which tools in particular was it happening with? We’re finding that it’s not affecting some tools.

We’re definitely going to look into the torch sound issue.

Was this occurring when you’re going through every portal or warp?

@Cobaltian , we were able to reproduce it. Thanks for reporting this bug.