Release 159 - Report issues here

Please report all issues discovered in Release 159 in this thread.

Just a minor issue, but it seems like fall damage and and environment damage is now showing up as “MISSING”. Just tested out going into Lava and falling off of a cliff.

Another issue is that some enemies will explode right after you hit them the last time, instead of falling to the ground and displaying the grey circle icon. Not all are doing that, perhaps 1 out of every 10 enemies are exploding.

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now I am getting this error. I went through my portal in munteen to septerfon and it was the first time it displayed this. So I exited out, came back to the game and went through my other portal to therka and it did it once more.

these are my specs

So I think the issue is with the blocks I try to remove. The first time it happened, I was just sitting in my base, but the subsequent times, I was trying to remove a block from my base in therka. This block was not a machine however (as there is a known problem with them already). It was a decorative metamorphic rock 1. I tried logging in again and seeing if there were any other blocks associated with “error 25”. It did not crash when I removed a gravel block. It did crash once more when I removed a blue gleam lantern. I am assuming crafted blocks (simply being products of said problematic machines) will give off the error as well.

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Looks like I also have that disconnect, followed by the screen above. I have a PC with Win 10, 16GB Mem, NVIDIA graphics card GTX 1060. Had that crash 2 times now. With game restart (from steam), the protal is now inactive.

Sorry guys. We may have a fix within the next hour or so.


Thanks for reporting this, we’ve logged a bug

When you mention exploding, do you mean the hoppers or other creatures?

Nerf gem torch sound.

Can’t open any door to my build i get dropped instantly and then when i try to re-conntect i get error 25 failed to retrieve player data…i can’t even get into my build right now because of this error.

Just wanted to write about that. Opening door crashes your game.

We just pushed a possible fix. Please restart Steam and see if you still experience this problem.

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HUD glitch just randomly appeared then went away after a while:

Thanks for the comment, we’ll look into making some adjustments to it.


  • Game crashes while opening doors
  • Game crashes while breaking blocks on your plot

Restart Steam and check if it’s still happening, as we’ve pushed a fix.

Getting lots of grey portals, once they go grey they don’t go back.

Have to fully quit and restart boundless to fix.

That looks really unusual. How many times has it happened and on what worlds?

Sorry guys, it looks like it is still crashing. We are continuing to look into this.

Just the once on Therka after a respawn.

My apologies for not including that detail earlier. They were cuttletrunks. They didn’t do environmental damage like hoppers do, but they did definitely dissappear mid air with their items scattering about after me dealing damage to them (with them having full health).