Release 167 - Report issues here

stamina regen talks about health regen instead, and is also missing a time for every "$((StAMINA REGEN FREQUENCY))

My stone spanners have no wearing (or i just cant see it)

confirmed - last part not working;

Are dailies and weeklies not working? If not, is it intended or is it a bug?

In dailies and weeklies section there is the “time remaining” tab, but instead of counting down it counts from 0 up; so it’s a matter of either changing the count direction or rephrasing the tab.

Oortbirds are too easy to kill. I get close enough to shoot them with an iron slingbow without using crouch. And I kill them before they start running - usually they only manage to get to “trembling” stage before dead. And I have just killed one before it even got to the threat stage.

Wildstock on Epsilo are not attacking at all - I kill them with a long pause between shots and there is no threat stage kicking in at all.

I got that close to a spitter and I wasn’t attacked.

the same for cuttletrunk

it just flew past me

shooting at him didn’t cause any reaction either;

there was another one near by and that one ignored me too, however he did attack when hit

same with hoppers;

however: spitters and hoppers got aggressive outside my base when I was building and crafting inside, so they seem to react to my presence when they stumble upon me - they seem to be bugged when they are approached;

After i had done 10 glue and run out of bones, the furnance stopped and told me i needed to unlock the recepie.

I put in more bones and it worked again.

I’m having trouble with multiple things; some which may just have to do with a new format to the game and others that seem like actual glitches.

First off, I no longer have the option of making tools at my workbench. Is there some new item that needs to be crafted for this?

Second, everything seems to have been slown down to the speed of wading through thick molasses during the middle of winter. Walking, running, mining, etc… is this something I need to address on my end?

Third, mining ores: it’s taking me about 6-7 strikes to mine them with an iron hammer as the “workbar” (I’ll call it) resets itself at least twice while I’m hammering away.

Fourth, I can’t seem to shoot as far with my bow as I was able to previously. Is this a new setting?

Thanks for all your hard work! Even with all the changes and glitches, I’m still enjoying this game!

It’s just the new progresssion system, that’s a feature. After getting some skills, you’ll be doing things faster or more things.

I recommend you check your skills and see what you’re going for


Long story short: new progression system has been implemented. Press Esc to go to your character screen and check your current level. Complete objectives and do things around (mining, hunting, building) to earn experience, level up and earn skill points. Use skill points to buy skills that will enhance your character (that including skills unlocking crafting recipes).


OK, thanks guys!

video about portals bug


There is a new feature, a button in the portal menu to switch the direction, maybe need to use it.

since portals have colision mask, they are really bugged
stayed by sanctum portal and got teleported below


@Jeffrotheswell push the button :grin:

Issue: when i play on headphones 30% of time i hear footsteps 2-3 blocks away and i think that someone is walking around when it’s just me. Footstep sound is bugged

Issue: You cant unbind hotkeys. Also when you bind you can bind your LMB to something and the scree would be not interactive

Issue: When changing cache from 2GB to 4GB you receive an alert promt, when you close it, you cant interact with the game