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Not a big issue, but a little irritating.

If i equip a smartstack with 2 tool with different material and the first wear out, it do not equip the other one.

Put a wood hammer in a stack with a stone hammer, with the wood hammer in the first spot.
Use the hammers.
When the wooden hammer wear out, the stone hammer do not equip.

I have to open the inventory and drag the stonehammer to my hand.

This seems to have sorted itself out. In the process of completing the middle objective, the other two pinged. Not sure why, I was nowhere near my beacon :slight_smile: But all seems okay now.

Those blocks are called “natural crystal,” a rare block found in lakes. They’ve been in-game a while and as far as I can tell they’ve always looked like that. Maybe they don’t have a texture?

This is more likely related to the Daily Activity not giving XP at all? You get a fake xp number and after getting real xp by hitting-blocks/crafitng in machinery the old “real” value is compared to what you should have now, since you didn’t get xp in the first place you “gain” -(daily-activity) + (real-crafting-xp), the first thing is a really big number the second not so much… so this is hard to see? Maybe this only happens with the Daily Activity? Hard to verify since the Daily Experince numbers are not achievable.

Thanks for following up, we will investigate these issues further.

That confirms it. We’ll log a bug.

Thanks for the update, we’ll add the information to the database.

As confirmed by @AmandaPan, these are Natural Crystal blocks. After looking into it, it was since decided that we intend to replace this with different types of blocks / items.

Were you carrying out the same actions as before?

Let us know if you get any further issues with other objectives and how they were caused so that we track down what’s going on.

Thanks for the report, we’ll log a bug.

Yes, the process:

  1. Start playing for the day
  2. Switch to an alt to get daily bonus
  3. Go through portal to the character’s beacon on Munteen
  4. Things go wrong

EDIT: I think it happened again just now. It looks like the daily XP bonus is overwriting the XP from machines when entering the world from the Sanctum. I got two thousand and something from machines and 547 from daily - but they started on the same point on the bar - with the 547 clearly afterwards. I did not record numbers before and after so not sure - will have a look again tomorrow - I think I know what to look for now.

Lol, I put these around mostly to boggle people’s minds :smile:

Based on @vdragon’s reply, they will soon be a forgotten relic of development. I’d kinda hoped that one day I’d log in and they would have beautiful new meshes to show off :laughing:


I just received the “High End Retailer” feat for the third time. Got it yesterday, and on another day.

We should have fixes for the negative XP and the repeated objectives /feats soon.

Going back to the issue where you said your light disappeared after going through a portal, could you clarify this a bit more? Did you mean the torch flame wasn’t rendering at all, or that the torch wasn’t lighting up surrounding areas?

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For some reason I can’t add more stacks of stone to this table, they’re all greyed out:

EDIT: Only case I can get working now is unstacked:

Edit: This definitely feels new today? Previously you just needed one mixed stack in the table for it to work right.

EDIT 3: As long as I’m not trying to put smart stacks into the table it works correctly - I can drag unstacked matching stone into stacked stone in the table:

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Looks like the inverse is now also a problem - can’t move smart stacks from a shop stand back to my inventory:

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Thanks @OmniUno, we’ve added these to the database.

Also, do you have answers for the earlier questions I had?

Neither. The entire area loses light - nothing from gleam, etc. in the vicinity either.

I’ve only had this happen once when in a hunting party with @SWProzee1. Everybody lost light at the same time.

Is it similar to this issue?

Nope. Similar to this. It was outside, close to the portal at night - but not triggered by going through it (we were fighting mobs in the surrounding area):

I can not see prices in selling plinths with mouse over any more.
Have to open price list for each item.