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you guys broke the water its all shifted to one side a bit
just finished my watershop in @SWProzee1 hub lolz please move it back to what it was it worked fine grts moebius

Can you share a screen shot and location?

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its a shop outside the big hub by @SWProzee1 with a big oranger gleam m on it
ill try to take picturte now also fountain on plaza en in myworkshop has this issue

its the portals to i see now they go to the left a bit
I cant take pic now im clumsy with that takes me time lolz
but maybe you find it i think its all around the plaza and hub

I dont know if it is a bug, but the compass show a lot of stuff in sanctum.

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here are the pics of what i see

It’s not the water, it’s everything else! We’ve not really changed any rendering stuff recently, so that’s suprising :g


When buying from shop stands I was unable to select just a few of the item as before, and was only able to buy the whole stack.
eg - only needed 10 silver ore, had to spend money on all 99 instead

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What graphics card and driver version are you using? The game log should be logging it out if your not sure.

i restarted still got this issue

Hi all!

When you create a new character and switch back to an existing character before the new characters inventory is unlocked through the tutorial. The existing character’s inventory is locked as well. Relogin or switching back to the new character and continue the tutorial to the point where the inventory is unlocked, makes the inventory on the existing character available again. May also affect other UI elements that are gated through the tutorial.

The left and right hand shortcuts are not safed when you switch characters.

Also, I’m not sure if choosing a starting spot on the first planet is working properly.

This is where I clicked and where I ended up spawning.
I clicked on what looked like ice and endet up in a desert.

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This may just be “balancing” but today it takes more hits with a hammer to remove a block. With a stone hammer it takes 3 strikes to remove sedimentary rock and 4 with a copper hammer. Yesterday it took 2 with stone and 3 with copper. A vein of gleam that I had been mining on a frequent basis took two plus copper hammers. Yesterday it took less than two copper hammers. This definitely has a negative affect on gathering resources in a game that emphasizes building.

It is taking substantially more hits to kill any wildlife. Yesterday it might take three hits, today a level 2 take 15 hits to kill it. Not a good return for a little lard. The animals do seem more aggressive and more common than yesterday. I had to kill 7 animals to go less than 300 meters.

This may all be balancing, but wanted to know if this was all intended or not.

welp found a glitch where if i die then the damage icon doesn’t go away and is just a big red circle

Everything you mentioned is in the Release Notes:

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The new update introduced scaling hitpoints on all mined resources based on the planets tier. If you’re mining on a middle world (which I’m assuming based on the gleam vein) then you will see something like a 30% increase to block hit points. This is intended to add scaling difficulty as you progress through the boundless universe. If you’re simply seeking basic materials like stone, wood, soft coal, copper, iron, etc., then you’re incentivized to mine on a starter world instead. There is some ongoing discussion on how to better make mining on higher tier worlds worth the extra investment in tool durability and time, and I would recommend checking out the thread discussion on that.

Animals as well have had their hp buffed and their behavior modified. You should be seeing a “threat” phase before they become aggressive, giving you a brief chance to back away from a fight. Look and listen for the various threat displays from creatures around you.

Both of these changes are made with the interest of progression and scaling difficulty in mind, a fine balancing act that being fine tuned and tweeked frequently. Keep that in mind, and please leave feedback and suggestions based on your experiences.

@kirinvar beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:


But your explanation is much more detailed. :kissing_heart:
I also remember reading through the discussion about it, but couldnt find the thread anymore.

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Loving it so far.

Just want to confirm - I can only jump 3 blocks high now (instead of 4 yesterday). @alventra chatted that he is able to jump 2 today vs 3 yesterday. Is this intended?

EDIT: Hard to be sure but it looks like the air jump is only 1 now.

My skills: