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Not a big deal, but looks like there is some sign inconsistency between “pointing totem with warp crystal at planet in sanctum” and that very location in the places->locations tab.
Walking to 660N 660E (in the locations tab) led me to a different biome than the one I was pointing at in the sanctum.

Just to check: Is it intentional that you can’t shoot warp crystals from the sanctum to the planet you are currently on? (Outside of the Tutorial)

Side note: Minus North … wouldn’t that be … South? :sweat_smile:

Ok, it’s even more messed up.

I walked to a nearby Hamlet visible from space to confirm my position.
Good news: I was actually where I thought I am.

But I found even more inconsistencies in the coordinates.

  • In the Location tab North has the wrong sign.
  • In the “point totem with warp crystal at planet” view are North and East are swapped.

Btw: Greetings to all the people living in Ice Lake Ridge! :smile:

The furnace do not show fuel when feed with a smartstack.
In this case a smartstack with 1 compacted coal and 1 compacted soft coal.

If i take out one of them from the smartstack and put it in inventory, the furnace show fuel (heat) again.

I’m sure it has been mentioned before, that your hotbar unassigns stuff occassionally, but I think I got a lead on how to reproduce it.

What seems to happen is that when you are swapping a stack (or smart-stack) of items in your inventory with a stack (or smart-stack) from an external inventory it will assign a hotbar slot (don’t know which one it choses) to the item smart-stack that got swapped to your inventory, but it seems that the hotbar slot it has chosen must already be assigned to something or else nothing happens.

It does seem like it doesn’t always react this way, but those seems to be some of the prerequisites.

Is this still happening, or like @TwistedFoot it suddenly worked for you later?

Did you post about this once before? There’s definitely an issue where the coordinates are not matching with the ones that appear when aiming the Totem at a planet.

When you mentioned external inventory, did you mean something like storage?

I posted about the Tutorial not respecting the start position you pick, but instead picking a spot for you:

Same system, different case. :smile:

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The issue is still happening. On multiple characters too.

I’ve tested both (stone)storage and crafting table.

Edit: accidentally typed workbench instead of crafting table.

I’m noticing a weird thing with the crafting table. Sometimes when I click on an item to look at it, the game seems to trigger me building one of the item. Almost like my click double registered. I can’t still track it down, but has anyone seen this?


i have the same affect happaning.

It has been happening to me too. I made it stop by clicking on the very far right of each item, where there aren’t any ‘craft’ buttons that would show up on expansion of the menu item. Alternatively, you can also click on the far far left for the same effect. (for example, if I had clicked on the leftish area, it might sponaneously craft 1, if I clicked middle it would bulk craft some, if I clicked rightish area it would mass craft) I think it’s registering these as clicks for crafting before the buttons even appear.


Just got my next 50+ level up!

Got my daily and weekly bonus and 15595 daily + 51985 weekly = 118799 XP. Managed to get a screenshot, definitely got a free 50k xp this time and last:

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I am noticing that very rarely do my request baskets show the item I wish to buy when I view them. Sometimes it shows a completely different item (like what I might have in my hand at the time.)

Here is a screenshot. This basket is requesting sap yet shows as blank. Is this normal?

From what I remember doing mine baskets and stands that slot that is empty at your screenshot is connected with the slot in your inventory and not the item you are trying to buy or sell. So when you set up a sale the game connects this slot here with a slot in your inventory that is occupied by an item you are trading. What happens then is that whatever you have in that slot in the inventory shows up in the basket or stand. Test it out by moving items around in your inventory and checking what shows up in the basket slot.

Looks like you are adding up the target and not the rewards. :stuck_out_tongue:

At 50+ you need:

Daily - 15,596 XP
Weekly - 51,985 XP

The reward for doing those should be:

Daily - 12,996 XP
Weekly - 103,970 XP

Which adds up to 116,966 XP.

I imagine that additional ~2000 XP in the screenshot is coming from your mining.

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:blush: Yes, that is definitely it. My apologies, good sirs.

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We haven’t been able to reproduce this so far, but that might be because we made some menu fixes on the Testing Steam branch. Can you see if the issue occurs on that branch?

I’m trying to create 3 baskets to buy red igneous, red sedimentary and red metamorphic rock. The image for the rock always renders metamorphic though.

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I just noticed one thing in that this seems to appear more often when the item I am selecting is near the bottom of the screen. Basically it’s almost like when I click on the name and it expands to allow for you to select how many to craft, that then it auto clicks to craft it.

Personally I haven’t tried the test branches but will consider trying there.

ok I figured it out and no it isn’t happening on test server

So if you have to have 9+ items in your craftable items list

If your mouse is in the place where the craft 1,10,or 50 spot is when you click it it will automatically choose that option.