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No ide + slow reactions when i try to walk and use the mouse

What graphics hardware are you using?

GeForce Experience

When you go to your beacon and open the friend tab and click on a offline friend you insta crash


@Councillor meant the GPU that’s inside your machine. We do have a known issue about this that mainly affects integrated GPUs, but it would be interesting to see what GPU you have.

Please share a game log and crash dump as detailed below.

2 notes from first run around.

  1. I keeping heal myself, but hp is at max. In core stats it say hp nnnn / 0
  2. My hammer go off my hand from time to time, have to re-equip it.

and just updated my Ge force and graphics drive + an extra restart but didnt help: (i didn’t have any problems yesterday)

So you have a Nvidia Graphics card, correct?

Then the integrated graphics issue isn’t relevant in this situation.

The HP bug is also present in the current live version of Boundless; I keep regenerating at max HP too.

no ide im not good at pc stuff all I know is that I didn’t have the problem yesterday :frowning:

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have send you the log file and dump file, and here is a little edit:
It doesn’t matter if the friend is offline or online it still crashes


Clicking the Friends tab on my beacon control in New Berlyn City instantly crashes the game, every time. :frowning:

When entering the game for the first time, or after any portal,
my character’s Left Hand(set as primary in settings) Item “goes off” by itself.
If it is not the slingbow, it will act like I am holding the mouse button down, the slingbow just shoots once.
It will stop if I actually press the left mouse button, seems like initialization state is incorrect in code.

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Level 50+ XP is no longer 500 000, but 519 850

When getting a level after level 50 I got 113 029 XP extra (of which 51985 was from weekly XP bonus and 15595 from daily XP bonus).


found the problem when I turn this ON it starts alot of the movement delay

But still have this:

It looks like its not just stacks bugging out, I can’t move this shop stand into my inventory:

EDIT: This is stack related. Once I removed the refined gleam stack from my inventory the shop stand could move.

my xp bar :confused:

Have you tried reinstalling the game?