Release 176: Beacon Permissions, Daily and Weekly Tweaks and Portal Fixes

I come from the future. The ban hammer got used. :joy:



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s p o o k e d


Poor @james! But seriously, all these recent tweaks are awesome. Keep drinking…whatever it is you’re drinking. :coffee::tea::sake::champagne::wine_glass::cocktail::tropical_drink::beer::beers::clinking_glasses::tumbler_glass::cup_with_straw::bacon: Thanks devs!

General feedback:

  • @luke-turbulenz I felt like such a pro getting my daily XP bonus today – 9k-ish at level 38 is just about perfect to make it a thing I’ll get just by playing normally :clap: yay!

  • Speaking as someone with only limited patience for mining, the combo of scaling block levels and the increased drop rates on harder worlds feels great! I’m having a lot more fun mining than I was before. There’s something about the mental effect of seeing three lumps of medium coal that makes it feel like my birthday, I dunno. :gift:

  • Also loving the portal icons on the compass. Makes it so much easier to find my way back. And the capital cities one – it’s much easier to tell a new player “go towards the yellow icon” than try to hunt down coords for cities!

  • Speaking of cities and colors. Maybe change the settlement icon to something other than grey? Because (at least in my head) grey gets associated with things that are defunct/dead/ruins instead of living cities – “greyed out” so to speak. Also because it blends with the purple portals.

  • Eventually it might be nice if we could toggle things on/off on the compass. Especially in crowded areas, when the icons overlap.

  • I like the color-coding bar for tool durability, very helpful.

  • One more thing about colors, which I mentioned in some earlier release and then forgot to post a screenshot like @vdragon asked me to: depending on the color of the block you’re hitting, it can be hard to tell the difference between the full and empty parts of the block health bar. Like this:

Maybe you could put a shadow under the full part, or turn the empty part into an outline-bubble instead of a solid color? Or just change the color.:crayon:


To add to @cor-karolis nice post.

  • Identification of settlement size based on the icon is not intuitive for me. Maybe try to reuse a small house icon and just continuously add one as settlement size increases? Instead of totally different one and imposes that “it’s better and bigger one”.

  • Shop icon in compass. Helps us find one without running around the settlement looking for plinths. Could be quite tricky though as some people uses it as decoration with 9999999 coins or plain empty plinths.

  • I thought I read somewhere that your beacon should always be visible in compass? I don’t think that is the case right now and it will be helpful if it will be.

It’s tea all the way for me - I don’t drink coffee #truebrit

FYI - James has been out of the office all week, which is why I’ve been dealing with the releases.

Just sayin’… :wink:


The truest Brit there ever was :kissing_heart:


@James, when we could see PS-version of Boundless? Our PS4 players are indignant because they cannot play this pretty game.

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It’s been a couple of releases since I’ve seen or heard a
What’s up with that?


Probably not possible until launch.

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There’s loads of them on Munteen. I think they’ve just been moved predominantly to the higher tier worlds


Ah. Well, I’m not ready for Munteen yet. :open_mouth:

Hang on–isn’t that a paradox? Don’t we need those purply Oorty things to create the warp dinguses with which to reach Munteen in the first place? If nothing else drops those, aren’t we pretty much stuck on the home worlds?

Nope - that seems to be a common misconception… you don’t need to create a portal to get to any of the worlds… You just need to create a warp crystal, load it into a totem and point it at another world… then create a couple of warp conduits, select your newly obtained destination and off you go!


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Never been able to make that work right. I’ll have another go at it. In the meantime: what am I doing wrong?

I’m on Therka, I created a beacon, and I fueled it. The nice hints aren’t turning green.

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It might be only achievable when warping from a starter planet (I have no way to verify this).

The following post from @Salodyda17 is for the same thing, so it may be worth trying that …

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I’ll work it that way, then.

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Yes, that was the key.

By the way, Epsilo is a horror story–at least the sheer ice face on which the conduit placed me wasn’t much fun–although the spitters and cuttletrunks seemed to enjoy it very much. Very happy to be back on Solum.

I suppose I’ll have to zip back over there to collect my beacon (as well as the two I planted on Therka) although that stuff is cheap to make.