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Moved location and the behavior changed ^^

Starting with 103200 spark.

Losing 103200-94200=9000 spark.

Now I cancel it, everything seems to go fine.

Back on the recipe tab, and now I have 109200 spark, which meens i got 109200-94200=15000 spark for the cancel.

Worth noting that this is a different behavior from the first time

Pretty much, yeah, 3:05-3:20 I was checking the bow stats while killing time waiting for the steak to cook and learned that the iron actually does more damage…

I know you asked for a screenshot though… I would, but all my screenshots from boundless are turning out black… and sorry, I would have explained more but I had to start getting ready for work, I just wanted to get something back to you.

Oh I certainly expected him to be a hard one and not to do very much damage, but the Extra Damage Crystal doesn’t do anything against it?
What is it good against then? should I be using it in a different slingbow?

Are you doing something special to cause this? Can’t reproduce it.

Tested with Titanium Alloy Mass Craft.

My Iron Hammer table (which only sells iron hammers) price list tab did not contain iron hammers but only iron slingbows. I removed the iron hammers from it and replaced them to be able to set their price again:

Tbh I have no clue what triggers it sometimes I can trigger it sometimes I can’t.
Can confirm it still does it for me, sometimes. Have worked enough for me to get 380k spark from almost 0.
At some point it just won’t continue working, but if I feed the spark core a little bit of spark I can keep going.

Since a while, when i start up the game it freezes right in the sanctum, sometimes after about 12 seconds the game runs again and i am able to play, sometimes the game just freezes my whole laptop


GeForce GTX 960M
ram 16gb
i7 intel
64Bit Windows 10

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If I put a lot of Peaty Soil in 1 slot of the spark core, it will keep adding a little bit of spark (20 spark) and then I can keep reproduce the bug.

Here is a little video of how I do it. I start at 2,674,560 spark and end with 2,800,260 spark over the period of 40 seconds

This is obviously a very serious bug. Even with your video and exact steps I still can’t reproduce it though - so something else is contributing (or preventing).

Hopefully this doesn’t get abused before being fixed - it has long-term economy ruining potential :cry:

are you online atm?

I have the same set up and I have the same error happened to me but it’s normally like 3-5 seconds.

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Here is a little visual bug I found today. (Low importance - visual bug)

Damage indicator ring stays on screen !

The Iron Slingbow does currently do more damage per hit than the Silver one. The Iron Slingbow is slow and cumbersome, but packs a punch; whereas the Silver Slingbow has a high rate of fire, has greater projectile speed, fires on a flatter trajectory and can rapid fire (with the correct skill). With the right skills unlocked you will be able to do much more damage per second with the Sliver one than the Iron.

Do bear in mind though that these improvements are tempered somewhat when attacking heavily armoured targets (such as high-end Cuttletrunks), because doing damage in one go is better at getting over armour than hitting lots of times quickly.

We haven’t been able to reproduce this, but we will make a note of this together with the screenshots and video demonstration.

As with the reply to @Rumplypigskin we may have a fix for this when it’s pushed to the live game.

Can you share a Git of Pastebin version of the game log so that we can see what the problem is?

Someone else managed to get this to occur, but in a different way, where all health is lost after taking fall damage and returning to the Sanctum. We’ll add this additional information to the database.