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When you look at a shelf with an item with ammunition:

All subsequent shelves you are looking at with smart stacks at the same spot where the loaded item was on the first shelf, will display an orange smart stack icon. (Indicating that there is a loaded item in this smart stack … but of course, its not.)

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Creeping does not work on half width chiseled blocks…

Description: My grapples are not visible by other players
Reproducible: Yes

  1. Fire grapples and hang from them

Other players should see grappling hooks

Other players cannot see grappling hooks.

Screenshot 1 is taken from my machine with the camera pointed at me.
Screenshot 2 is taken from my wifes machine looking at me from various distances without my character moving. Notice my arms are in different locations as well. I appear to by flying.

Note: I have had 3 other players mention that they cannot see my grappling hooks. It might be settings on my wife’s machine in common with the others or it may be a more generalized bug.


There is another bug which I have not been able to track down consistent reproducible steps for. Every so often, the client interprets a mouse-down event and looses the corresponding mouse-up event when the menus are closed. The result is that if you have blocks in your left hand, you’ll drop a ton of them, or if you have a tool, you’ll just keep swinging despite the damage. We’ve done this with a chisel in our house… it’s not fun.

Seems to have something to do with stack manipulation and the closing of the menu. I’ll post a full report if/when I can track down the steps to reproduce.

Were you just using the Gold Precise Bevel Chisel or a multitude of bevel chisels?

Can you give an indication of what blocks shapes you’re expecting to see? Looking at the diagram, is your character focused on the L-shape and trying to hit the corner or the face on the side? It’s a bit hard to tell.

Not seeing this so far. How many times have you encountered this issue and can you give a bit more information on what you were doing? For example, how much Rough Oortstone were you moving?

Share a game log if you get it again.

Thanks for the report, we’ll update our bug database with this information.

It’s definitely a general bug that’s not affected by any specific game settings, so we’ll update the bug database with this.

Yes, please do provide more information when you can.

I was using Iron chisel in the example, but my memory tells me I’ve experienced it with Gold chisel aswell.

Imagine a block from above like:

In my example I had chiseled the B segment away:

When trying to chisel the D segment away with a Stone chisel, I manage to chisel away the A segment.
The trace ignores the first face of the block, the face of the D segment, because it also hits the A face and for some reason decides that I’m actually trying to remove the A segment.

I don’t know if this will happen if you try to hit D from the (relative) east direction, if I was at home right now I could test it. I know however that this happens when approaching from the (relative) south direction (as in the diagram).

only got it once so far
I was moving a single oort stone. It was after selling ores, fossil, tech fragments and such. I think it was after third or fourth plinth I used for selling items I mined. I use these plinths on daily basis to sell mined stuff so one accident like that after dozens transactions is not much and most likely hard to reproduce. I will try to vigilant.

Thanks for the report, we’ll update the bug database with this.

Please do check this when you get the chance to do so, along with any screenshots and / videos.

I take it no items were lost during that moment?

Not this time.

Although that other weird moment with items multiplying or disappearing when moved to a storage block happened yesterday again. And this time I lost 99 glass and around 30 door pieces. I was to busy with a friend to care to report again, since it was same bug I described earlier.